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Hello, dear OSM passionates :)

Eastern Latvia (Latgalia), and Western Russia require our work!

It would be great if you guys could help me.

Those territories are a total OSM leftover and really needs a lot of work.

What is usually wrong? A) Eastern Latvia: ROAD MISTAKES: - Roads drawn where they don’t exist (or the opposite), - Non existing sharp curves, - Main dirt roads shown as single forest/field road, and the opposite. - Roads to possessions shown as main roads or not shown at all. NAMES: - Name mistakes (recently corrected, for instance, Goliševa - someone had written Golyševa), - Infrastructure main names (border checkpoints, etc.) written in other languages than Latvian as the main name (Russian or English usually that should be moved to from the name tag to name:en and name:ru, etc.)… OTHER: - Rivers, canals, etc. not drawn

B) Western Russia (Close to the border with Latvia and with Estonia): - Lots of roads haven’t been drawn on OSM despite existing. Maybe they are not roads of high importance, but this work must be done as people all around the world use OSM and OSM-based GPS maps. Remember people living in those remote villages may be using that app. - Lots of lakes, forrests, etc. not drawn on the map.

You won’t get bored anytime soon if you start taking care of those beautiful regions :)

Btw, I wanted to ask our Latvian users: is it possible to used as a source?

Kind regards,


Location: Barsuki, Ludzas novads, Latgale, Latvia

Dear All,

I have been in around 35 countries around the world and I noticed Belarus is the only country that appears on Openstreetmap in a different language than on-spot. To be more precise, all names appear in OSM in Russian (Островец, Осиновка, Ошмяны for example), but when you drive there, everything is written in Belarusian (Астравец, Асінаўка, Ашмяны for instance). I’ve got nothing against Russian language (which is definitely more spoken in Belarus than Belarusian). However, I think we should start ASAP to correct that mistake and make Belarusian village, town and city names the main ones. In some cases even street and public transport names (in Minsk these things appear in Belarusian). The purpose is simple: for instance when you use (a GPS app that uses OSM), if you drive to Asinaŭka. it appears “Asinaŭka” and, just below, the name in Russian (Оснивока). However, when you arrive to that village, you see “Асінаўка”. It is extremely confusing for travelers, especially if they don’t read cyrillic.

Another question: multilingual names in Europe. Numerous cities, towns, and villages appear with bilingual names on spot (but on OSM their main names appear only in one language). It would be good to make those names appear as they appear on spot.

How do you think?