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closed 2966881 lonnez

this golf course appears quite different from the aerial. i suspect it went under construction since it was originally mapped

closed 1665211 submitted note from a business:
name: Core Plumbing
phone: 858-538-6025
twitter: undefined
hours: Open 24 Hours
category: ,Plumbing
address: 9921 Carmel Mountain Road San Diego, CA 92129

open 3267278 lonnez

Some suspiciously named areas around this school. Probably needs a cleanup.

open 3603965 CurlingMan13

Shouldn't "it's a small world!" Be capitalized?

closed 1185413 submitted note from a business:
Name: United Studios of Self Defense Bridge2BreakThru
Phone: 1-858-674-9757
Twitter: undefined
Hours: Monday through Friday 1:00-8:00 Saturday 9:00-1:00
Category: ,Martial Arts,Martial Arts Dojos
Address: 10449 reserve drive 92127

closed 2343270 Nicholas Faracs

I drive through here to and from school, and it gives access to the front and back entrance. It is shaded due to some large trees surrounding the pavement.

closed 2343125 Dhruv1

There is a sign with the name of a apartment complex here. The apartments are right in front of Del Norte and this is important because this is how I know I am going on the right path.

closed 3332450

This is the stop sign I have to turn right on in order to head inside the school's parking lot. If I miss this stop sign, I have to enter the loop through Potomac Ridge Road, which is filled with more traffic.

closed 3266160 lonnez

Unable to answer "This shop has been vacant. What’s here now?" for via StreetComplete 45.0:

under construction starbucks

closed 1449816


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