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Public transport in Rijeka

Posted by Janjko on 20 February 2012 in English (English).

In collaboration with bus drivers and bus enthusiasts from I drew 100% of bus routes in and around Rijeka.

The process looked like this: I would take the starting and ending point of the route and try to create the route. Then I would take the link with the relation and give it to them for revision. They would say where I was wrong, and I would fix it. And again, and again. Some 40 routes, more or less.

Stations are a big problem, and they are not yet drawn. I gave them openstreetbugs so they can pin them on the map, and we'll see how much of them they will put on there.

Location: Rijeka, Grad Rijeka, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, 51000, Croatia

New imagery
Hi from croatia mappers!
The U.S. Geological Survey has made public maps of the whole Ex Yugoslavia under the Public Domain license, which means we can use them in the Openstreetmap project. List of maps in pdf format here:
Unfortunately, not all maps are scanned, the yellow areas are available:
Our member dodobas geocoded the maps and we put them on the server maintained by user hbogner on the Faculty of Geodesy in Zagreb.
We are inviting you to use the imagery to fill the Openstreetmap with as much usefull data possible!
I suggest you use the tag source=U.S. Defense Mapping Agency for the elements drawn over these backgrounds so we can easily find what is drawn with these maps.
How to use them?
Go to Edit > Preferences... > WMS TMS > + (Plus sign lower right) > TMS
Menu name= USGS osm-hr
TMS URL ={zoom}/{x}/{y}.png
In Potlatch:
Go to Background > Edit...
Make a new line:
Name= USGS osm-hr
If there are any problems, contact us!
P.S. Watch out for bad data that is going to be erased because of the license change on April 1. More about that on the page about Remapping:

-----In Croatian----

Nove podloge
Pozdrav od hrvatskih mapera!
Američka institucija U.S. Geological Survey je objavila karte cijelog područja bivše Jugoslavije pod public domain licencom, što znači da ih možemo koristiti na Openstreetmap projektu. Lista sa pdf-ovima ovdje:
Nažalost nisu skenirane sve karte, žuto su obojane regije sa podlogama:
Naš član dodobas je geokodirao karte i stavili smo ih na server kojeg održava korisnik hbogner na Geodetskom fakultetu u Zagrebu.
Zato vas pozivamo da koristite te podloge kako bi popunili Openstreetmap projekt sa što više korisnih podataka!
Predlažem da se za elemente ucrtane preko tih podloga koristi tag source=U.S. Defense Mapping Agency kako bi lako našli što je mapirano sa tim kartama.
Kako ih koristiti?
Kliknuti na Edit > Preferences... > WMS TMS > + (Plus dolje desno) > TMS
Menu name= U.S. Defense osm-hr
TMS URL={zoom}/{x}/{y}.png
U Potlatchu:
Kliknuti na Background > Edit...
I napraviti novi upis:
Name= U.S. Defense osm-hr
Ako ima problema, javite nam se!
Pripazite na loše podatke koji će se zbog promjene licence brisati 1. Aprila. Više o tome na wiki stranici o Remapiranju: