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The Riverside Estate was missing all buildings and addresses. Roads haven’t been refined for over five years.

I’ve spent 3 days of my holiday to improve the estate’s mapping.


  • Update St James’ School buildings, roads, and tags
  • Review Estate Roads
  • Build Telephone Exchange area
  • Build Cranmere Court care home building, car park, paths, green space, and fences
  • Add house buildings, tagging apartments and bungalows when necessary
  • Add garage areas and alleys
  • Add Substations
  • Review green spaces
  • Add turn-around spaces at dead ends when necessary
  • Add full addresses for all buildings
  • Review surrounding land use tags
  • Review and add footpaths


  • Add house boundary fences
  • Review surrounding common green spaces
  • Review residential area boundary
  • Review School land boundary
Location: Hythe, Colchester, Essex, England, CO2 8JS, United Kingdom

New mapper

Posted by James Pain on 29 November 2008 in English (English).

Greetings people,

I'm a college student in Colchester, Essex. I found this site on TechCrunch and I'm very eager to map what I can.

I've just done the majority of my estate and quite enjoyed it so I'm sure to be doing alot more.

I love all freedom of speech projects but especially this one since I can really contribute (willingly) and sometime in the future use the data somehow.

Anyway, just saying what I have to say.
(And here comes the inevitable cheesy newbie finishing line)

Happy Mapping,
James Pain