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These days i am very busy and i have not been able to write a diary entry as I do every day, but i have mapped some villages and improved some already mapped villages. Too tired, to remember the names or go back and look them up. Hopefully ill get some more free time in the next days to make a more detailed diary entry.

“#100villagesin100days #day41&42”

Day 40 - Village Kryemadh

Posted by IrdiIs on 16 July 2024 in English.

Yesterday i received a message from perenniallylate notifying me that he had mapped village 99 on the list, Tremul, and asking me if it was okay for him to map some villages in the upcoming weeks.

I thanked him in private, but also want to thank him publicly for contributing to mapping Albania and putting Albanian villages on the map.

Anyone can map any village from the list, because I can always add more villages to it. It would be amazing if you could send me a message or leave a comment that you mapped it, but even if you do not, it is totally okay.

Today I continued mapping and mapped Kryemadh and the surrounding areas, including villages Kalimash and Shtanë.

“#100villagesin100days #day40 #+1contributor”

Day 39 - "Village" Tomin

Posted by IrdiIs on 15 July 2024 in English.

Today I mapped in Peshkopi. Tomin ain’t really a village of Peshkopi but a neighborhood, so after mapping it I proceeded to the villages closest to Peshkopi.

I mapped Pilafë which is a small village very close to the city. I have been in Pilafë in 2021,for a door-to-door campaign in support of a local miner who was representing the miners in the parliamentary elections. As soon as we entered the village, a 10-year-old boy saw us and wanted to show us the village, and he walked with us and showed every house in the village for two hours straight.

After Pilafë, i moved to Staravec and partially mapped it too.

“#100villagesin100days #day39”

It seems that I forgot to add a Diary Entry yesterday.

Yesterday I mapped the village Renz and the surrounding areas.

Today I started with Demiraj which was fully mapped (Thanks to DenisJu which has done an amazing job mapping Shkodra and the surroundings) so I moved next on the list.

I mapped the village Slatinjë which was really tiny, so I decided to map also Radesh and Gradec.

“#100villagesin100days #day33 #day34”

Today I started with Llëngë, a village with a population of around 75. After that I moved around in the villages in Pogradec and mapped a little here and there.

I decided to go back to my hometown and I continued mapping the city of Çorovodë, which still needs some work. I will map with EveryDoor when im there next time. Furthermore, I moved further to the village Sharovë, Prishtë, Rehovicë (which is my grandfather’s village) and finally I partially mapped Çepan.

I am sure I have forgotten some villages because today I roamed a lot on the map and I can say this Sunday started very good.

Time to translate a Wikipedia article to Albanian now. Another challenge among some Wikimedia friends.

“#100villagesin100days #day32”

Today I finished mapping Shënepremte and I continued on the next village on the list. Xhan was a tiny village with just some houses scattered around the forest, so I mapped what I could and continued down the list to Floq.

Floq is a village in Korce with a population of around 1072. I was really inspired today so i went on and mapped also Pepellash and Helmës.

“#100villagesin100days #day30”

Today I mapped Gllavë which is a tiny village in Memaliaj.

I wandered around the map to check how this remote tiny village is connected to main streets and I found out there are many tiny villages scattered through the mountain and none of them seem to be connected (or I can not figure out how they are connected) to the main roads.

I continued mapping, and I lost count how many small villages I mapped today. I am attaching the area I mapped and if anybody knows a quick way to figure out if these villages are in any way connected to main streets can let me know in the comments.

“#100villagesin100days #day28”

Day 21 - Village Hajdaraj

Posted by IrdiIs on 25 June 2024 in English.

Travelling to Thessaloniki today and got a 10-hour bumpy bus drive ahead.

Mapping while travelling by bus is definitely a huge challenge, but I think I managed to map Hajdaraj.

I think the village includes another area close to it, but somehow it is separated in a different residential area. Ill double check to make sure I got it all.

“#100villagesin100days #day21”