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closed 1349359 HubMiner

There are 3 separate "Gettysburg National Military Park" ways; these should probably be combined, unless there is a reason not to. Way (25224240) seems to have most tag info.

closed 1979158 HubMiner

Create area for Saline County State Fish & Wildlife Area (

closed 4003312 HubMiner

Unable to confirm the Dollar General store online, survey if it is closed.

open 547094 pkoby

I can't be bothered to fix it myself, but removing the line ways from the pedestrian paths and changing them all to polygons looks nice, but screws up the routing to the point that it is unusable. Considering the desire for some mappers in this area to make this map useful for visitors (e.g. mapping buildings for the renderer, adding names to extra ways for the parade route instead of making it a relation, which by the way seems to be gone now, etc.), it seems strange that this makes it so much worse.

closed 1213666

there is a parking with fee here and public (note created by the app "free parking"). Description: Short walk to address

closed 590090 yeus

bike route

closed 1566860 HubMiner

Draw preserve area when map becomes available.

closed 1073476

open 1997786

O Reilly Auto Parts missing

closed 1086331 HubMiner

Topo map shows many peaks that are not in OSM; I am not sure to what degree we'd want to add those.

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