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Fixing hotel internet access

Posted by HubMiner on 28 April 2019 in English.

Here is a OverPass query for finding hotels and similar establishments claiming that they have internet access. According to internet_access it should not really be tagged, although the same wiki mentions option of using “internet_access:fee=customers”.

( tourism~/(hotel|motel|chalet|guest_house|hostel|apartment|resort)/ ) && ( internet_access:fee=* || internet_access=* ) && internet_access:fee!=customers

Fixing opening_hours

Posted by HubMiner on 18 April 2019 in English.

Here is regular-expression based OverPass query for finding some of the broken opening_hours values:
opening_hours~/(mon|tue|wed|thu|fri|sat|sun |sund)/i
Does anyone know how to propose adding this to existing error checkers?

Hint if you are trying to fix in semi-batch mode: copy/paste the bad value to opening_hours evaluation tool and it will do a partial correction for you.

Service Area

Posted by HubMiner on 19 January 2019 in English.

Ever since OsmAnd made Service Area searchable (sometimes in the last year or so), I noticed a lot of misuse of the tag highway=services. Some of the examples were:

  • a fenced in private parking lot
  • a service road (one extra "s" in highway=service)
  • a gas station with full services (arguably. this kind of matches the tag definition)

Do the world a favor, and scan the areas you are familiar with (in for [highway=services]

OSM wiki:

</off my soap box>

Using Strava traces

Posted by HubMiner on 26 August 2017 in English.

I add to my previous post… In a recent note conversation someone mentioned something visible as Strava trace.

First, I confirmed that Strava is allowed for data tracing:

Main benefit of Strava is that it contains many more GPX traces compared to uploaded OSM tracks.

To use it, you have to login through another tool:

Be sure to checkout multiple options under background.

Hopefully, one day this will be integrated with ID editor!

Using different layers

Posted by HubMiner on 26 August 2017 in English.

One of the tricks I’ve learned with ID editor is to try different satellite sources:

USGS Topographic Maps - may give you name of natural features.

USGS Large Scale Imagery - is low quality, but may show winter pictures, for example allowing to trace trail in a deciduous forest.

DigitalGlobe Standard Imagery - is low quality, but seems to be most up to date (20015?)

Esri World Imagery - new layer, high quality, just showed up a few days ago. Some places it is same as Bing, for some places it seemed newer.

As always, be mindful of only using sources that allow being used for OSM editing.

Summer 2017 - notes

Posted by HubMiner on 19 July 2017 in English.

I discovered a new source of data to be added to OSM: notes.

Presumably notes are mostly created out on the field by busy bees with smartphone applications. I created a few notes to highlight areas that need a lot of work.

Helpfully, there is a way to get RSS for all notes in a given area, I will be trying that with RSS reader.

Notes, here I come. Time to go to bed.