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Pokemon GO Mappers - What They Do and Why They Do It

@wowwzer What’s the tagging at your son’s college/uni? It sounds like the example given had a problem because the university was accidentally tagged as a school.

Pokemon GO Mappers - What They Do and Why They Do It

Having used wayfarer my intuitive feeling would be ‘probably not by much’

Having more wayspots helps, but you have to have something interesting to propose and I suspect there are still people who will want to add parks for extra spawning

Pokemon GO Mappers - What They Do and Why They Do It

Same here, I know I’ve added so much to my area since the map last updated

Pokemon GO Mappers - What They Do and Why They Do It

A lot of the time the stop that becomes a gym is the oldest one in the cell, which is annoying in my area as that tends to be a church.

Currently, there is little incentive for players to remove inaccurate POIs because less POIs is nearly always a bad thing for them. The only ones where are incentivised to remove them is if they’re on private property/hard to reach areas, especially if that one is a gym, but when I made one removal request Niantic asked for proof I was the landowner (and they have no-trespass signs I could submit as alternate evidence)

Pokemon GO Mappers - What They Do and Why They Do It

That’s why I’ve been holding off on it. I figured I should do none of it or all of it and there are some areas that are kind of borderline where some sections of the sidewalk are directly on the road and some are separated by a yard or so of grass.

Never assume common sense is common XD

Pokemon GO Mappers - What They Do and Why They Do It

Seems I should be adding more sidewalks, which probably would actually be useful in my neighbourhood as they aren’t especially common in some areas around where I map.

At what point is a driveway long enough to be added to OSM?

@HJart Thanks! That should be super helpful

At what point is a driveway long enough to be added to OSM?

@Glassman That does sound very useful. Pretty sure driveways and bits around intersections are the only lowered kerb areas in my neighbourhood. The sidewalk network around here can be a bit random like that too.

@Hjart No, I’ve been pretty much working everything out on here by myself, occasionally asking people about things when ambiguities pop up like this, occasionally stumbling upon features by happenstance (like that you can use bing Streetside stuff)

Anyway, that sounds useful. Thanks. It looks like Overpass turbo is the convenient web interface? I’ll read up on the wiki page for that

At what point is a driveway long enough to be added to OSM?

@EdLoach I can see that being useful, especially as sidewalks are not ubiquitous in the area I’m currently mapping. I’ve been adding sidewalk tags to roads that have them, but that’s been a bit piecemeal and it’s a pain to check whether everything is already tagged properly in an area. I’ve been wondering if it would be better to just separately map them.

@Hjart I can see that being a pain. I’ve not used OSMI before. Looks interesting and I can see a few issues tagged near where I map I can check out

At what point is a driveway long enough to be added to OSM?

@Glassman Haha, yes, lots of small edits from Amazon workers. Usually a single service road or driveway. I can get why that’s useful for them.

Every house here has a driveway, and Mandarin loves trees so sometimes it’s the only way I know there’s a house under the trees. I’d say adding them all was a lot of work but I’ve been adding outlines for every house already so very little extra compared to that

@Hjart I guess if people think it’s useful. I can think of crazier things to be completionist about

@Rorym Yeah definitely seems useful then. Especially in areas where it’s hard to work out exactly which street near a house it actually connects to

At what point is a driveway long enough to be added to OSM?

True. It might just be one of those things with a fuzzy boundary condition. My other one in this area is what’s the difference between a pond and a lake since there are dozens of retention ponds in this area varying in size between about the size of a house and the biggest at about 8 hectares (aka definitely a lake XD)

I’ll try to be systematic about what I do, but yes, this is probably something for people to decide on for themselves


That makes sense. Do what you know. Thanks.


Thanks :)

Don’t let my apparent seniority intimidate you, I may have made this account back in 2008, but I’ve only been actively mapping since the beginning of December last year


Thanks for the link!

My questions range from things like, “how do I decide the relative importance of roads?” to “should I map driveways when they’re shared by several different houses?” and some other things I can’t quite remember at the moment. I’ll keep that in mind :)



That’s reasonable. So far worst bit I did was something in my home village where my parents live. There’s a relatively new estate that wasn’t on the bing images and the data set it was on (Esri) only had blurry images from an angle. Doing roads is fine, but outlining buildings was super hard. I’ll try to avoid doing that unless I have to.

Though really, best thing I’ve found is just switching things around a bit sometimes, so I’ll keep doing that :)

Mapping buildings with roofs at different levels from awkward angles

Andy: Yes, this is the relevant bit

That only works if you can see where the two different sections of roof meet though.

Glassman: That’s what I’d usually do, but the west half of the building is about half the height of the east half, which I guess I should have mentioned in the diary, anyway…

I’ve used that to get an approximate mapping for now. I mapped the east half of the building, moved it halfway down, then mapped the west, then moved it the rest of the way to the ground. I go near here occasionally so I’ll take a small diversion and count floors at some point.