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Priorities 9 months ago

That makes sense. Do what you know. Thanks.

Priorities 9 months ago

Thanks :)

Don't let my apparent seniority intimidate you, I may have made this account back in 2008, but I've only been actively mapping since the beginning of December last year

Priorities 9 months ago

Thanks for the link!

My questions range from things like, "how do I decide the relative importance of roads?" to "should I map driveways when they're shared by several different houses?" and some other things I can't quite remember at the moment. I'll keep that in mind :)

Priorities 9 months ago


That's reasonable. So far worst bit I did was something in my home village where my parents live. There's a relatively new estate that wasn't on the bing images and the data set it was on (Esri) only had blurry images from an angle. Doing roads is fine, but outlining buildings was super hard. I'll try to avoid doing that unless I have to.

Though really, best thing I've found is just switching things around a bit sometimes, so I'll keep doing that :)

Mapping buildings with roofs at different levels from awkward angles 9 months ago

Andy: Yes, this is the relevant bit

That only works if you can see where the two different sections of roof meet though.

Glassman: That's what I'd usually do, but the west half of the building is about half the height of the east half, which I guess I should have mentioned in the diary, anyway...

I've used that to get an approximate mapping for now. I mapped the east half of the building, moved it halfway down, then mapped the west, then moved it the rest of the way to the ground. I go near here occasionally so I'll take a small diversion and count floors at some point.