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Ponte Morandi: why fiddling with the map? 5 months ago

I’m responsible for one of those changesets :-). I didn’t touch the bridge itself, because I noticed from it’s history that enough people had done that already and I didn’t feel like adding to the (minor) chaos,. I just fixed some minor technical issues near it, because, well, I like to check on how well areas are mapped. Rather than outright delete objects still visible in current imagery, i also like to use lifecycle prefixes to notify other mappers that objects that for some reason doesnt physically exist anymore, wasn’t just “not-yet-mapped” or “mistakenly-deleted”. The Ponte Morandi I would tag collapsed:bridge=yes and leave it like that for as long as necessary (possibly years).

Mapbox Satellite 7 months ago

Make sure to compare with any gps tracks found in the area to determine which imagery might be better aligned. Not to say that gps tracks are necessarily perfect, but, especially if there are several, they may nevertheless give valuable hints.

adjusting the map to the satellite background 8 months ago

Yes, before doing anything you really should make sure that the satellite image you’re looking at really is all that well aligned. We’re constantly seeing newbies looking at different satellite images, which in some areas can be off by up to 100 m, move buildings, roads etc around and away from their actual positions. Before “adjusting” buildings etc, please make sure that the images line up fairly well with gps traces in the area.

Don't be a square: JOSM wants me to only have round buildings 9 months ago

I agree that this is designed to thoroughly drive mad unsuspecting users.

rorym. what tool did you use to create that gif?

How to map buildings within a building? 11 months ago

At building:part tags has been used to map and name parts of buildings. Here the names also doesn’t render on the default view though.

How to track and encourage contribution? 11 months ago

I tend to be too busy mapping to really care about my stats :-)

Parks Again about 1 year ago

I love your conclusions. I didn’t see the thread you mention, but in other areas I have observed exactly the same :-)

My suggestion on OMS about 1 year ago

Jason. Which “official applications” do you refer to?

Whoops! about 1 year ago

It’s been more than 2 weeks since the last edit on this account: , so no need to worry :-)

To do: fix some nasty navigational errors in the nasty connection between Main North Road, Southern Expressway and Panalatinga road about 1 year ago

GraphHopper and other navigators needs to first download a copy of the OSM database and then process the data into special formats suitable for their purpose. This process can be quite computing intensive and that’s why you should expect navigators to take at least a day (some much longer) to pick up changes to the OSM database.

Pokemon Go made me start editing OSM about 1 year ago

I’ve played PoGo periodically and find the switch great as it made a lot of footways, cycleways, forest tracks etc. in my area appear. I’ve been a very active OSM contributor for quite a few years, so of course OSM is a lot more complete here than G Maps ever were :-)

Pokemon Go now uses OSM about 1 year ago

I was wondering about new footways etc suddenly showing in the game. So this why.

Streets as Areas over 1 year ago

In Denmark (the country in north Europe) I know of one case of roads mapped as areas: The area around

This doesn’t show on our standard layer, but imho has a number of advantages.

See more at

OSM Analytic Tracker (OSMAT) over 1 year ago

I have been watching the authors own instance at (which also acts as a running demo) covering the country Denmark almost daily for nearly 2 years now and have found it immensely usefull for keeping track of activity and spotting mistakes. Quite a few times I’ve been able to correct mistakes (mostly done by newbies) within as little as 5 minutes. Actual vandalism doesn’t happen very often, but of course I’ve been able to quickly discover and revert a few cases.

Sharp Turns onto Ramps over 1 year ago

Am i to understand that 90 +/- 5 degree turns will not trigger your test? I’m looking at the “fix” at, which I consider both unnecessary and downright ugly. I’ve been looking at number of similar “solutions” around Denmark (by the same mapper) and when I look at stuff like that I feel quite tempted to just plain revert it. I think it should be fixed by either putting it in the exceptions file mentioned in or possibly make sure the segment connecting to Darumvej is 90 degrees.

uMap "OSM 'Find-a-plane' " over 1 year ago

Note that recording name of imagery + rough date of it can be very useful in this context

how can I delete this? over 1 year ago

You would probably want to add these to your profile page ( as well as point to your own wiki account rather than Malenki’s

OSMF Selling Data to Google? almost 2 years ago

Note the date:

Paris is a bicycle shop almost 2 years ago

A great tool for quickly discovering and correcting edits like these is the osm-analytic-tracker. I’ve described my experiences using it on the talk list.

Semi-protecting specific areas in my experience isn’t necessary. The mentioned tracker (or similar) and a small, entusiastic local community is what’s needed.

In my experience too the vast majority of users do not have any clear idea that they are editing something called OpenStreetMap or that our project is actually different from

Paris is a bicycle shop almost 2 years ago

I’m not familiar with the situation in France, but being extremely familiar with the situation in Denmark, I’m not at all surprised if no local mappers noticed anything.

In Denmark very very few people (even in our large cities) appears to have the time, interest and technical knowledge necessary for regularly following the activity in their local areas and if the situation in Paris is in any way similar to our situation, there’s no way I can be surprised.