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clothes off! :D

Posted by Head on 19 January 2012 in English (English).

I created the wiki page some time ago, to standardize things like shop=clothes, clothes=costumes.

Now I looked up whether it was being used:
I was quite surprised that there were six occurences of "clothes=off".

First I thought someone had tagged nude beaches or swinger clubs. :D
Then looked the six nodes up. All of them clothes-off motorcycle shops. Turned out, it was a name clash with:


Location: Saxony, 09306, Germany

Bicycle parking: Sheffield stands

Posted by Head on 19 January 2012 in English (English).

On the wiki, I proposed to deprecate the bicycle_parking=sheffield tag, and to only use bicycle_parking=stands instead. Please take part in the discussion.

Tagging cycleways as oneway=yes

Posted by Head on 21 April 2010 in English (English). Last updated on 22 April 2010.

I've started tagging Aachen cycleways next to roads as oneway=yes, as suggested by (in the hope that openrouteservice will then no longer suggest to ride on the wrong side of the road).

I wonder if it is really necessary to render the small arrows on the cycle tracks. At least in Germany, most people know that you may not ride on the opposite cycleway.

Location: Gut Hasselholz | Blockhaus, Aachen (Gemarkung), Aachen-Mitte, Aachen, St├Ądteregion Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, 52074, Germany

I have reworked all four train stations in Aachen. Before, the stations showed up several times in the map, as each track had a node tagged as railway=station or railway=halt. I have changed these nodes to railway=stop.

It would be nice if someone with more experience could review my changes.

Location: North Rhine-Westphalia, 52064, Germany