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I am an Indigenous She mapper

Posted by HaonHiAki on 22 March 2018 in English (English)

I had not taken OSM seriously until I began to need info and wanted to correct current map information in my locality. But I only edit maps here whenever I am in the mood or when I have time. In the early part of my mapping on osm, a great part of that was dedicated to correcting info on places that I am very familiar with.

My being female of the species has not really concerned me until I read an article today regarding the small percentage of women among mappers. In the listed members of WikiProject Philippines, I could see that I am only 1 of about 4 female names among 49 contributors. This made me edit Preferences on my wikipage. I clicked on “She edits wiki pages” on the question, “How do you prefer to be described?”

Let me emphasize another fact.

I belong to an indigenous community.

I am a full-blooded indigenous person.