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Now in Tel Aviv

Posted by EdoM on 12 August 2009 in English (English).

I moved to Tel Aviv. Now i'm looking for a house to by in the Netanya Area.

Location: Tel Aviv, The New North, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv Subdistrict, Tel Aviv District, Israel

M(')appare Milano

Posted by EdoM on 17 March 2008 in English (English).

Oggi abbiamo lanciato l'iniziativa M(')appare Milano. Una serie di micromapping party per completare la copertura di Milano.
Con la collaborazione di Radio Popolare e del programma MenteLocale.
Today we launched the M(')appare Milano initiative: a series of Micro Mapping Party to complete the Milano coverage.
With the collaboration of Radio Popolare Mente Locale talk show.

Mappare means to map but m'appare means it become visible to me, so this is a word joke :)

Location: Brera, Municipio 1, Milan, Lombardy, 20121, Italy

The Firts Milano Micro Mapping Party

Posted by EdoM on 26 February 2008 in English (English).

On the next sunday we have the first micro mapping parti in Milano.
The party will be an attempt to map a very small part of the city.
A 2 hours ride to cover the entire area and to produce a detailed section of the map.
The editing part of the party will be a personal@home task.
Further info (italian ony) at

Location: Fouquebrune, Angoulême, Charente, New Aquitaine, Metropolitan France, 16410, France

Perugia Mapping party results

Posted by EdoM on 26 February 2008 in English (English).

This weekend we had a Mapping Party in Perugia (Umbria, Italy). 10 people were mapping in the middle-age town and we encountered problems with the sat signal becouse of narrow streets with tall buildings.
At the end whe managed to produce a nice map (still incomplete).
A big thank to the pople from MindSolution s.r.l who hosted the party.

Location: Sant'Erminio, Ponte Rio, Perugia, Umbria, 06122, Italy

After 1 month i managed to have a render form the tracklog...

Location: Ponte di Pietra, Pavia, Lombardy, 27100, Italy

Pavia Mapping Party

Posted by EdoM on 6 January 2008 in English (English).

Today we had the first (unofficial) mapping party in Italy.

Location: Borgo Ticino, Pavia, Lombardy, 27100, Italy

First Italian Mapping Party

Posted by EdoM on 30 November 2007 in English (English).

Prendete nota di queste date: 26 e 27 gennaio 2008
Il comune di Arezzo ospiterà il primo Mapping Party italiano.
Speriamo di avere anche te con noi a mappare.

Take note of this date: 26th-27th january 2008
Arezzo Municipality will host the firts Italian Mapping Party.
We hope to have you mapping with us!

Location: Pescaiola, Arezzo, Tuscany, 52100, Italy

OSM at Lifos

Posted by EdoM on 27 November 2007 in English (English).

Yesterday evening i had a talk at a LIFOS meeting. 14 peoples attended and everybody was very interested in our project.

I will have some similar meeting in the next weeks with other Linux User Groups hoping to spread the word of OSM

Location: Rione Vittoria, Sesto San Giovanni, Milan, Lombardy, 20099, Italy

WikiAfrica in Mantua

Posted by EdoM on 4 September 2007 in English (English).

Next Sunday i'll be in Mantova (Italy) to be part of a conference about wikipedia and Africa The progect, named WikiAfrica, should "africanize" Wikipedia inserting or updating information about Africa.
In the session involving my presence we will talk about migrations so maybe i could talk about mapping efforts in Africa as the african people lack maps. I hope to talk about Openstreetmap and raise some interest about our project.

Italian OSM blog

Posted by EdoM on 4 June 2007 in English (English).

I have open a new blog to aggregate the OSM italian contributors: