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OS Locator update 201411 over 8 years ago

Actually, I don’t make a GPX of it, but an .osm file, which I feed into mkgmap to create a Garmin file. The scripts are at

Mapping parts of the world no-one else wants to map, Part 1: Hanger Lane, London over 9 years ago

I didn’t know about it!

Westfield Stratford City mapping party over 11 years ago

"I think Derick was trying to make an animation of the mapping progress. But I didn't input my data yet!"
— I am not done either yet, so that's why the video isn't done.

And yes, I have notes too!

Derick's meat-up, Shop POI mapping + My meat-up this Saturday over 11 years ago

I've been mapping the website as contact:website and the phone as contact:phone in international format: +44 20 74370560. I thought that was the way how to do that! And obviously the website should be with http://, because some might still be on gopher://!
I will definitely be changing the things that you will map in "my" area ;-)