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I get why so many people just don't bother to even try to vote for the OSMF when things like this happen

Posted by DTHG on 5 December 2015 in English (English)

My life has been really crazy lately so I really didn't have time to figure out who I was going to vote for for the OpenStreetMap foundation board until the last minute but I did figure out who I did only to find out that the servers for opavote were down so I didn't get to vote. I also thought I had all of December 5th to vote but it turns out that was the case.

The JOSM restart plugin doesn't work when using optirun josm

Posted by DTHG on 29 April 2013 in English (English)

The JOSM restart plugin does not work if you are using Linux and you have a Nvidia Optimus graphics card and you have Bumblebee installed and you are using the command "optirun josm" to run JOSM using the Nvidia graphics card instead of your Intel graphics card

It will work again if you just us the command "josm" to run JOSM

PS while I'm still using the my Nvidia graphics card to run JOSM I'm really not sure if it's helping rendering the maps or the images from Bing any faster than it would if I was using the Intel graphics card that is integrated into my Intel Sandy Bridge Core i7 CPU

JOSM plugins

Posted by DTHG on 6 March 2013 in English (English)

I just went through all of my JOSM plugins that I have installed now and wrote down comments on each of them for a workshop I have coming up. I also threw in a few comments on Plugins that I remember having problems with in the past. Since it's way to long to use in my presentation I figured I would post it here.

The plugins I use the most are now in bold and I'm also going to update this list if I start using more plugins.

BuildingsTools Can be helpful when setting a buildings size but I'm really not using most of the features this plug in has. However, I believe that Zeromap uses it a lot more than I do.

dataimport if you dig a little you will find out that it only supports TangoGPS and Garmin Trainings Center TCX file formats or at least that what it says in the readme file and here on the Wiki

EditGpx I Never use it, instead I've used stand alone programs like Viking or GpsPrune.

ElevationProfile Can be helpful when determining if a street is on an incline or decline.

FixAddresses Not very helpful because if a building has more than one node each node is listed as having its own address. So the list it create are often to long to be useful.

geotools - Was installed by another plugin

GPSBlam I haven't spent enough time with it to know how to properly use but it sounds like I should.

GPXFilter I'm not sure if this is needed or if it is installed by default.

ImageWayPoint - I might be using it or I might be using another plugin that does basically the same thing I'm really not sure.

InfoMode Can be helpful when dealing with multiple GPS traces a the same time.

jts - Was installed by another plugin

Kendzi3D-jogl - Was installed by Kendzi3D which often caused JOSM to crash so I uninstalled Kendzi3D but it must have left Kendzi3D-jogl behind.

log4j - Was installed by another plugin

MapDust Sounded like it would be really helpful when I installed it but I haven't been using it.

measurement - I haven't found this to be very useful

namemanager - It sounds like it might be helpful but it doesn't work the way I thought it would and what it does do isn't helpful

OpenData I think I was trying to use this to added some missing towns that are around Syracuse but after reading the WARNING on the WIKI I decided not to use it.

[OpeningHoursEditor]( Makes it easy to set hours for businesses but it should obviously only be used with businesses that have constant hours.

OpenStreetBugs I haven't really been using it but I don't know why.

openvisible - I don't think it works

[Photo_Geotagging]( Very helpful for making GEO tagged on photos more accurate by default on my Android phone the photos are really off so I would correct them before they were uploaded to OpenStreetView.

print - Helpful if you need to print parts of the map but don't try to use it with an area image because things wont line up properly.

restart - Helpful when you install as many plugins as I have

Reverter Sounds like a good idea but I don't think I've used it since I've installed it.

[RoadSigns](RoadSigns I was trying to add some deer crossing signs which I didn't end up doing. It doesn't help that the only country in the presets is Germany.

Tag2Link Helpfully when adding wikipedia page because there supposed to look like this "wikipedia=en: U.S. Route 11 in New York" and not just a url

turn_lanes#Plugin Could be helpful in the future but should not be used now because it uses a relation that has not been implemented into the API and if your not sure if you should use a relation

TurnRestrictions Anything that makes dealing with relations easer and safer is great plus turn restrictions are also one of the few relations worth messing with.

Undelete Sounds like a good idea but I don't think I've been using it.

UtilsPlugin2 Should be installed by default

VideoMapping Sounds like a great idea but it always crashes JOSM for me.

WayDownloaderPlugin isn't as helpful as it sounds like it's going to be.

waypoint_search - Makes finding all of the tags I recored much easer especially when I'm using the Bing satellite images

Wikipedia It should help you find wikipedia pages but it doesn't seem to work for me most of the time

Ok the really crazy thing is that I haven't installed all of the plugins so if you used a plugin that you think is great post a comment about it or if you have a similar list post a link to it.