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Chronicles of mapping a Canadian village over 2 years ago

@FitzBokeSurv You make a very good point about the imagery, I’d never even considered that. The precision of aerial imagery will never be up to the centimeter (well, it’s probably possible in the future) so worrying about several pixels of misalignment doesn’t seem that important. And for practical use, all we have to locate ourselves on the map is GPS or plain-old map reading. Our phones’ GPS rarely gets more accurate than 5 meters, and map reading doesn’t rely on accuracy at all. As long as the distance between objects isn’t seriously off, that is.

Also, my interest in this place is purely mapping. I care about making this map as accurate as humanly possible because it’s fun and I have a crazy eye for detail. I love navigating using maps, and figuring out where you are based purely on matching what you see around you to a few shapes on a flat piece of paper. I know that each extra driveway helps immensely in figuring out where you are ;)