Mapper since:
May 27, 2017

About me

Hi, I’m Casper! I started mapping hiking trails and tracks in my second home area of Saint-Maurice-sur-Moselle, France. Then I noticed what else needed to be done. I’ve been fixing the problems with land registry imports, adding anything that’s missing, etc. In my spare time / when I can’t go out to survey, I try to help other projects.

When I go out hiking or mountain biking, I try to record as much GPS traces as possible to add to the OSM database.


Mapping in New Brunswick Canada

Currently working on imroving the map based on high-quality imagery in New Brunswick, Canada. Lots of buildings to be added, fixing the CanVec imports and generally adding missing features. Lots of work, lots of fun. In case you want to know more about what I’m doing here and why, or if you want to help out and follow the same conventions as I do (or discuss them), you should read this diary entry:

I created a little tool to help me track my progress:


I created a command line tool for mappers to help create progress timelapses! Check it out on github or my website.

Mapsnap is a tool that will download an area of tiles from the OSM tileserver, and stitch them together in one image. The area data is saved to a file so you can download a snapshot of the same image again after you make changes.

In the future I plan adding a feature to create timelapses with the same tool, but for now you can make the timelapses yourself using any kind of gif editor.

The tool has compiled binaries for x64 windows and linux, and the source code can be compiled against .NET 6.0 for any other platform.