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Posted by Cocobells on 18 February 2020 in English (English)

Hello! I am from the Polythenic University of the Philippines, San Juan City. I would like to share my experience from our Mapatime subject. We had 5 sessions and as far as I could say, it is quite enjoyable and I really learned a lot. The sessions are very useful because it serves as a new experience for me because I haven’t tried mapping my whole life until now. During our mapping sessions, at first it was hard for me but then as time goes by and with the help of our professor it became less difficult. I learned that mapping is helpful in our society especially when there is calamities or disasters. My favorite activity is during our last day because we already know what we are doing so it was enjoyable. Since Mapatime is about volunteering, I guess I would volunteer but I am no professional. Well, to improve the sessions in our Mapatime, I think there should be more assistants to cater everyone but I would like to give thanks to the 3 “kuyas” who helped us. I would like to thank our professor, Sir Erwin and thank you for the wonderful experience.