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closed 4227612 Buster452

this is a barracks. name=Seabees


closed 4227610 Buster452

this is a barracks. name=Red Horse


closed 4222674 Buster452

from main road to here is asphalt. unpaved heading south.


closed 4221073 Buster452

locked gate not access.


closed 3122667

Salt River Takeout

closed 3524769 TheDutchMan13

Construction starts in October 2022, should take 18-24 months to finish.

This is the best link I can currently find, if anyone has a better link in the future please add.

closed 4198633 Buster452

no motor vehicles on this bridge.


closed 4198630 Buster452

private road.


open 2574089

This section of Apache Trail should eventually connect with the rest of it to the northeast via a dirt road. See satellite map. This is mapped on the Standard map but not on the Cycle Map. Thank you!

open 3832297 steveman1123

can someone confirm what kind of track this is?

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