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closed 2108506 Ben Boldt

It is unknown if this path is private or not. A small blue sign posted here near the path says "private drive". It is confusing because this path is too narrow to drive on. I think the sign must refer to one of the nearby driveways. Also, a lengthy stretch of sidewalk leads up to this path, suggesting the city considered it public in order to build that sidewalk.

closed 1206289 MNexploree

This little area is a park, Green Circle Park.

closed 2105717 sskalyan


We are receiving multiple bad feedbacks from our drivers in this vicinity. We do not have latest street side or sat imagery in this area to make edits. It would be great to have local mappers with sufficient ground information looking into this area to make edits.

Thanks in advance,

closed 912007 Audrey Toth

This was my old house...

5621 Tracy Ave
______ Edina, MN

closed 1797996 user_5359

Please check on site: Same object once as point once as area, but with different house numbers.

closed 1577295 NDTaya

Abbott Orthopaedic Institute Surgery Center

closed 1698027 ti-lo

There's meanwhile a draft in ID editor :

closed 1927715 Maps Man

Shady Oak Road was rebuilt and widened from
Dec 2013 to July 2018.

closed 1421159 ttighe

Minnetonka Fire Station 3

closed 520604


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