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Saint Lucia forest

Posted by BPierrick on 12 April 2019 in English. Last updated on 24 January 2022.

These last month I’ve been working on St Lucia map adding information from different sources. It’s still a work in progress but there is now enough data to start creating topographic maps from osm data of Saint Lucia.

Forest landcover

Most of the island weren’t covered, I’ve added forest landcover on the totality of the Island. However this landcover is not very precise. The project help me to organize the refinement of the landcover.

Forest Reserve

I’ve added the Forest Reserve boundaries. The data comes from Saint Lucia Open Data. Some of the boundaries seem to be defined by physical element like river or road. In these case I removed the imported boundaries to replace them by the physical element on the map.

District Administrative Boundaries

I’ve imported the administrative boundaries of the St Lucian District. See OSM Wiki St Lucia District Import for more informations.

Rivers and Streams

Using elevation data and the Caribbean Handbook on Risk Management I’ve started adding the localisation of more streams and rivers.


I’ve added all the communities name from St Lucia Open Data. The localisation of the settlement center come from personnal knowledge and satellite view so it’s not very accurate but the name of general area should be correct.

Paths and tracks

I’ve added new path and tracks, from satellite view and GPS tracks.

This is a view of the results : Before (actually after already few weeks of working on the forest) and now Before St LuciaAfter St Lucia

What’s next ?

Now I would like to find a good way to use these data for the communities. For my personnal use I alreasy started created a topographic map of St Lucia, similar to the French IGN Hiking map. Topographic map of St Lucia.