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Tracing guide for Aweil, South Sudan

Posted by AtomicBohm on 13 December 2016 in English (English). Last updated on 7 February 2017.

This is a tracing guide for people mapping Aweil in South Sudan for MSF with Missing maps (see tasks here). Aweil is the capital city of the state of Northern Bahr el Ghazal. The city’s infrastructure is relatively developed. Aweil now has a functioning railway station, hotel, airport, soccer stadium, and public hospital. [1]

As we are mapping the suburbs of Aweil, you will see rather sparse settlement. Here are some photos of the structures that are visible on the satellite imagery. Very detailed information on what MSF is doing in this area, along with many useful photos (some published in this tracing guide) can be found here: One Day in Aweil: An MSF Team Portrait

Residential areas

Residential area is an area with more than two buildings. Whenever you draw one or two buildings, do not draw residential area around it. Sometimes, it makes sense to draw one huge residential area instead plenty of small ones. Please, do zoom out and consider the right size of the residential area you are mapping. Here is an example of an area, where drawing one bigger residential area is a better decision. However, it is sometimes difficult to apply a global rule and you need to use your own judgement and expereince. If you are not sure, leave a comment with a link to your task in the comments and let me help you. Big residential area in idEditor (If you do not see the image, see it here)


## The houses you are looking for look like this from the ground ![Aweil huts -areial image] ( [2]

Another photo of Aweil from above

Areial photo of Aweil [3]

And the last one

Areial photo of Aweil [4]


Houses in this area are usually either traditional African tukuls - round (or square) structures with thatch roof or more solid square buildings with roof from metal.


Tukul image [3]

Other buildings

Aweil building image [3]

How does it look like in the aerial images?

See the huge square building on west of the residential area, and few tukuls (rounded or semi-rounded). South from a tukul in the north-east part of the area, there is a yard - you can see, that unlike buildings, the yard not drop a shadow. As the task is to map residential areas and buildings, there is no need to map the yard. ![Tukuls and other buildings] (

If you need any help, feel free to leave a comment here and post a screenshot of the area that you are mapping.