Snow outside

Posted by Antwelm on 23 February 2010 in Norwegian Bokmål (‪Norsk (bokmål)‬)

Tons of snow outside,
tons of things to do inside..

Started clearing dupe-nodes a few days ago, by using JOSM and:

Already top #22 on the list of heroes and villains of duplicate nodes (

Found a couple of JOSM bugs related to this work, but not sure how to formulate a bug-report..

Comment from gadget on 23 February 2010 at 16:28

I haven't been very active, but this is something that is easy to do. Almost as fast as adding traffic lights to the neighborhood. For the TIGER data in the US, most of the points so far are one of two cases. 1) a road and administrative boundary are sharing a node, or 2 roads a and boundary share a point, and one road is attached to the boundary and not to the other road -- oops.

I haven't come up with a fast fix for the second yet, but if you zoom all the way in and nudge the or the road or the boundary(if it is small) a pixel all of the points all the way around fix themselves at once. Too bad something cant be coded for that case. Nudge the boundaries on on the conflicting nodes by the appropriate amount for the least significant bit of data recorded.

Decimal Degrees between points == Distance the points are apart along the equator(worst case)
0.00000001 == 1.1119927 mm
0.0000001 == 1.1119927 cm
0.000001 == 11.119927 cm
0.00001 == 111.19927 cm
0.0001 == 1.1119927 m

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