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A ‘polling station’ or ‘voting center’ is a place where people vote, i.e. where ballots are cast. It can be a room in a building where voter registrations are checked, ballot papers are provided, and ballot box are available to put the ballot papers.

In Nepal, generally some rooms or blocks of schools and community buildings are used as the voting centers or polling stations for the purpose of voting in the election. While mapping a polling station in OpenStreetMap, we will add a node for a voting center and tag it.

Tagging Instructions:

Required Tags:

  • amenity=polling_station
  • polling_station=ballot_box

Naming Tags:

  • name=* (commonly used name of the voting center in native (Nepali) language)
  • name:ne=* (name of the voting center in Nepali language)
  • name:en=* (name of the voting center in English language)

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Posted by Anil Basnet on 21 November 2022 in English (English). Last updated on 19 December 2022.