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June 28, 2011


Nice to be here :) I love to increase the amount of information in OSM.

  • If it is not on OSM, it does not exist.
  • Wenn es nicht auf OSM zu finden ist, dann existiert es nicht.
  • Jeśli nie można go znaleźć na OSM, to znaczy, że nie istnieje.
  • Si no se puede encontrar en OSM, entonces no existe.
  • Jos sitä ei löydy OSM:stä, sitä ei ole olemassa.
  • Om den inte kan hittas på OSM finns den inte.
  • Jika tidak dapat ditemukan di OSM, berarti tidak ada.
  • Якщо його не можна знайти в OSM, значить, його не існує.


Some tools I really like to work with:

  • overpass turbo
    • powerful search engine for the features on the map not only for addresses
  • Open Etymology Map
    • you can visualize the data that comes from WikiData
    • e.g. which streets are named after woman? (Spoiler: less than you might think)
  • NotesReview
    • A great search engine for all the notes on the map.
    • I regularly check here to find the spots I can improve.

OSM related

    • Use your Strava activities to see where you have been
    • Wandrer’s concept is a gamification of “seeing every street” in your city and to compete with others
  • Really helpful for mapping in Halle (Saale) is the Halle-Im-Bild web page.

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