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open 3269860 DaveF

Are there new railway sidings here?

closed 2774815 A Trainspotter from Berkshire

What do you mean by that?

open 3395575

Bledlow Halt

closed 3395583

Platform 4, CPRRA heritage Railway

closed 2634869

Nothing of the North Downs railway is electrified in this region.
around minute 10:00 this route is shown without any 3rd rail.

closed 3822368 4004

Should there be an A/B split for platforms, as they are signposted that way?

open 2362992

This crossing:
(1) has stiles at the entry and exit; and
(2) has steps up to the rail line level.
As such, it may be unsuitable for certain cycles / cyclists

closed 1938561 GregZ0r

platforms lengthened (both ends)

via StreetComplete 14.0

closed 3548818

Should the Tyne & Wear Metro be listed in the signaling section on OpenRailwayMap as PZB since that is the closest to the signaling system it uses?

closed 14723

Waterloo and City: depot area is the whole semi-open area under Spur Road (ie, centroid more to South-West).

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