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Go Map!! Update and source code availability about 2 months ago

Github: Excelent! That opens opprtunities. - Hm? What could I contribute ...

Vector Tiles for iD Editor 7 months ago

Oh, good. First I assumed, you will provide a vector tile server. But you are going to make an vector tile renderer, 2D and may be 3D, aren't you?

To create it inside iD is a good start. But it sounds like it also could be used as an alternative to the actual bitmap tile server on the OSM start page some day.

You may consider to use existing code to render 2D tiles and use WebAssembly to get this rendering code running in the browser.

There are a view vector tile sources but I don't know an server, provided by OSM. As iD needs not only a subset but all OSM data, you may use the same data, iD downloads anyway to edits them, for your renderer. If you update the rendering with edited data, you will get WYSIWYG.

OSM is only as useful as the software that renders it 7 months ago

I agree, the "OSM community" is focussing on collecting data and leafs the use of it to the commercial. F4 is commercial and even the Server of OSMBuildings is not open source. The commercial 3D renderers mostly are about data additional visualisation. F4, OSMBuildungs and OSM2WORLD try to show a realistic view, also the OSM Tags are not much intended for this. I started an experiment to show the OSM data tagging in 3D (,

Some times I think iD happened because Flash is dying (and Java may follow) and because user from the USA don't really like JOSM ;-) And non of the editors is WYSIWYG. Mainly because there is no commonly maintained open source vector renderer on the main page of OSM and no community vector server.

If it gets to software, there is no "OSM community" but personalities, seldom groups, coding news features. There is no “must” applayable. I dream of a client vector tile renderer with such flexible style file configurability, able to replace many other special OpenXxxMaps. Solved by existing code compiled to WebAssembly, running as Advanced Web App on mobile and desktop devices. It could be 2D and 3D and even editing WYSIWYG. Topology would be an additional callenge. If this shall become reality, OSM needs an agreement like it was with iD to head in this direction.



Mein Forumsblog 7 months ago

Ich habe Ortskenntnisse. Ich kenne das Haupt-Gebäude. Aber was ist mit den Anderen? Wenn ich die einfach lösche kommt der nächste OSM-Checker und meckert, das Adressen fehlen. Mir fehlt eine Beschreibung der Tagging-Vorgehensweise, auch bei komplexen Fällen.

Mein Forumsblog 7 months ago

Das hilft mir jetzt nicht. Wie löse ich Doppeladressen auf, z. B. wenn es mehrere Gebäude sind?

Mein Forumsblog 7 months ago

Was tun mit den Funden? Ein Bauernhof mit drei Gebäuden, alle gleich geTAGt. Komplexe Fälle? Wiki Seite dazu?

3D models in OSM?! 3D Model Repository has just launched! 8 months ago

Now you may check out the direction/orientation of a 3D model:

  • Use default/avatar control mode (changed by key X)
  • Click on the model
  • Arrow keys Left/Right will rotate it and the actual value is displayed

Note the value and tag it or edit the model values.

block rotated

3D models in OSM?! 3D Model Repository has just launched! 8 months ago

Yes, tag the correct 3dmr ID and wait about 4 Minutes Overpass sync

3D models in OSM?! 3D Model Repository has just launched! 8 months ago

The next model is on the way. Training and fine tuning the repository: to follow the proccres. nr_7

The Subway Validator evolves 8 months ago

If you like to see the subwas OSM data visualised in 3D, try my experiment:

We culd add tag height to the nodes and make it even more realistic. If there are real time data, even trains could be visualised

Building an inclusive map - OSM and gender discussion 9 months ago

As an OSM-user, -mapper and -coder, I never had a feeling about gender problems - as a male! I didn't expect it, not for women, regions, colour, regions or what so ever.

Mostly, you even don't know this attributes about the one you communicate with. Well, OSM is a big community and will have its black sheeps. Yes, males have this instinct about women, more offensive than the other way around. This shall be so on a dancefloor but not in OSM. So if something un-inclusive happens, we shouldn’t be silent.

Of course I would like to see a balance of mapper. Women may tag other things than man. Is it evil to use “shop” as an example? I want to consider gender neutrality, always but not as a main dogma. So if I fail, be patient and communicate, constructive.

According to my experience i don’t feel a need to get active in this topic. A (small?) stream of bad examples may change my mind.

Lavander Ct is spelled 10 months ago

You can’t edit the Tag in OSM? What part of the address is wrong and what would be right?

Call for 3d model repository API users 11 months ago

Something is running (still offline testing) bench as model

Call for 3d model repository API users 11 months ago

Me! (

highway Tower 11 months ago

Where? ID?

Frustration about iD editor's inability to easily draw rectangular buildings 11 months ago

I don't use ID so much. And I could not see the details of your problem, so I used ID: There is no function to draw a rectangle. But there is a function to "rectangle a rectangle". And there is a function to shift or rotate a rectangle.

Did you expect a function "Rectangle"? Next to "Area"? How should it work in detail? Yes, rectangles are done quite often. After drawing a "four-sided figure", which is nearly a rectangle, ID could "offer" a rectanglificatoin automaticly?

There is a shortcut S to "square"! But it doesn't work after drawing, even if the rectangle is selected. I had to deselect and select again. That's an error, isn't it?

"OSM go" - Impressions 11 months ago

Where ever I try, the images are ok :-/

Using OSM in Mobile 12 months ago

What device and software?

Pokemon Go now uses OSM 12 months ago

Didn't it do that already? What parts of (all) the world are new?

Creating a ground map (Schwarzplan) about 1 year ago

@13 digits: Yes, its slow because it is not optimised or rather a misuse of a 3D renderer for that purpose. And "OSM go" does not have vector tiles, just a lot of overpass calls.

I just did it to boast (angeben) my geniousity to add just 3 lines of code and have a “Schwarzplan" ;-)

Heathrow London