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Creating a ground map (Schwarzplan) 19 days ago

@13 digits: Yes, its slow because it is not optimised or rather a misuse of a 3D renderer for that purpose. And "OSM go" does not have vector tiles, just a lot of overpass calls.

I just did it to boast (angeben) my geniousity to add just 3 lines of code and have a “Schwarzplan" ;-)

Heathrow London

Creating a ground map (Schwarzplan) 21 days ago


Creating a ground map (Schwarzplan) 21 days ago

A renderer with a good style file should do it easily. This should be a job for a vector-tiles client side renderer.

I have added a view lines of code to my gadget. Is this about whar you need: “Schwarzplan” activated by adding "&fps=1.5" to the url. We should talk about the details.


Webseite 22 days ago

Das währe jetzt toll, wenn die auch OSM passend aktuallisieren würden. Aber so, Werbung?

Mara Ort: A map is a map is a map? about 2 months ago

Why not?

Are you realy interested in OSM?

subject=object,just like vacuum-packed meat in the supermarket 4 months ago

Ah, na ja, dann ist das aber nicht so richtig 'rüber gekommen. Ich haber bisher nicht bewußt war genommen, ob hier die Oberfläche German oder Englisch war. OSM ist sicher englischlastig, was nicht ideal ist. Weniger für Deutsche, eher die dünn gemappten Gebiete sind beroffen.

Warum dein Post so oft im Feed aufgetaucht ist, ist weiter ein Rätzel.

Day trip to Dashoguz 4 months ago

Do you have a automatisized way to get Pocker Earth markers into OSM? I would like it, merged with "Go Map!!"

Machen Sie aus Ihrer Wohnung ein Zuhause 4 months ago

Ist das jetzt dreiste Werbung? Sogar in Deutschland! Da könnte man hin und faule ... nein, wir sind hier nicht radikal. Aber von der Werbung im englischen Block generft.

subject=object,just like vacuum-packed meat in the supermarket 4 months ago

Vielleich ist im Betreff das subject=object der Trick. Egal, bitte &action=delete

subject=object,just like vacuum-packed meat in the supermarket 4 months ago

In meinem auch wiedeholt. Ist das ein Hacker-Troll?

subject=object,just like vacuum-packed meat in the supermarket 5 months ago

Ist das jetzt art here? Zum 3. times das same? Was hat das with OSM to tun?

9M buildings in 3D, 🙇 MS 5 months ago


GSoC Diary: Web Design and REST API draft 5 months ago

Hi! Good to know, its going on. I am waiting for the moment, the API is online.

To me as an rendere programmer, the Web-Interface is important but secondary. I need the api to be usable with my code. Your reporitory is not exclusively for OSM, is it? But I see it as the primary use anyway. So the main question is:

How to tag in OSM, to place models?

It great to have so much ways to find models. The access of an 3D renderer has to be quick, simple and save. The repository should have an unique ID for each model of course. But shall we use it in OSM? I thought about an String, or three: Country, city, building-name. This 3 data should be part of your database as tags, will it? So both ways could be used in OSM, the ID and the tags.

The second task, is to “erase” the original OSM-Buildings and Building:parts form the 3D rendering. We could list the OSM-IDs in your data base or place an tag to each OSM-Object.

To add the GPS to the model is a good idea. But in OSM, there should be also a node as the exact position of the model. That node will have a tag as reference to the repository.

There are more points to think about:

  • Must the model have the correct size and direction?
  • Should there be more than one model to have LOD (level of detail) for different distances?

The upper comments are about unique buildings. For object like street lamps, or sequences of townhouses we have to think different: direction and even size may be given as tag in OSM.

The API looks ok. ZIP seems to be no problem for javascript, I am using. The models may also include bitmaps/textures, may they? An Eifel Tower or an electric pylon with less load for an real time render may be a simple shape and the grid structures as textures.

My idea was to have that repository permanently mirrored at the servers of all using 3D renderer. That would offer safety by redundancy, load distribution, and easy access for the render clients. That may be an option for later versions.

9M buildings in 3D, 🙇 MS 5 months ago

Well, the Microsoft data can't be as detailed as OSM, of course. No roof types, no building:parts. If MS-buildings are unique, they could be imported. There are certainly a lot of unique height to be imported. You should find help about importing from expirienced users. May be a MapRoulette could be useful when data are not clear.

You may compare the "live map" with osm. The 3D rendere are listet here:

🌸 So sehen Kirschbäume auf der f4 Map aus. 5 months ago

Blühen die das ganze Jahr oder Datums- und Locationabhängig? ;-)

9M buildings in 3D, 🙇 MS 5 months ago

I tried to compare the look of OSM and the live map, but it (yet) looks quite diferent.

Hometown Mapping : Kolar Gold Fields 6 months ago

That’s a nice history of you. Kolār Gold Fields and Karnataka are easily found by OSM as a part of India ( ) Let me guess, you are editing with JOSM?

GSoC Diary: Start of Community Bonding 6 months ago

Hi Pedro, that repository will likely be used by OSM3WORLD and OSMBuildings. And I can't wait to use it with ! If you hand over the API, we could make test during the development.

By the way: There is how it would look like:


The state of San Francisco buildings 8 months ago

A great Skyline and a good place to see in 3D

(Click on a building to see the height)

This Is How To Create Your Own Nest In Pokemon GO With A Free Tool Called “Open Street Map” 8 months ago

Just a Node?! We coud ask the editing user for a proving picture - changeset comment or user message.

I assume, it wouldn't be dificult to monitor such activities

  • How would an overpass-querry look like?
  • Or other tools, mapquest?
  • Even an RSS feed somehow, as an IFTTT trigger?