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Posted by Jyunhou on 15 February 2022 in Zulu (isiZulu). Last updated on 5 March 2022.

403 Forbbiden

Posted by EditConscript on 8 February 2020 in Zulu (isiZulu).
苦難を乗り越えて道を見つけた。 ずっと解決策としてそこに。
Doh! Wundebar! There has existed since the ‘widget’ to have tasks to be solved together. Sometimes you do have to go through the hardship in order to look for the solutions that have been there all along. The Map Roulette team really got the tasking to a better version, have observed that mapping teams are very active on this map taking this opportunity for naught.

チェンジセット: MappingHuman 自転車道にサーフェスを追加する #jwp #🚴‍

勧め: ○ mvexelNeil Rotstan

永遠にマッピングを学ぶ JOSM | josm-tested.jar (version 15806)

some how clicking ‘preview’ for drafted posts are similar to ‘send’ buttons… i dedicate this space to check through before posting to other users diaries as a mark of respect

新たに得られた経験から、これは非常に貴重です! as a non-technical, i finally was able to make sense of this post and deem it to be very valuable indeed. there is actually a very recent project that i am freely involved with that would greatly benefit from this

おそらくこれも? perhaps this one as well could make it less of a barrier to be participating, the instructions description would be trimmed, that, i am confident !

エディット: on second review, the under development setFields dependant Operation would need to be supported in a newer Maproulette version release for the user to confirm/amend a select number of ‘preset’ proposed Tag changes.