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The Renaissance of the fixme-tag ... via Osmand and 9 months ago


indeed ... I added that missing komma in the wiki article about MapCSS in overpass-turbo.

But source was:

The comma was missing there already?? :-)

Karnataka 01/2007 to 12/2014: OSM Map Evolution 9 months ago

looks great!!

I added a link to the OSM wiki about

Feel free to finetune that.

# Warum kann man das Editieren eigentlich nicht sehr viel einfacher gestalten? 10 months ago

wenn du generell etwas zu den OSM-Daten beitragen möchtest, dann ist Osmand dafür leider NICHT die erste Wahl.

Schau dir mal die Editoren laut OSM-Wiki unter an,

zum Einstig ist iD ganz nett, JOSM bietet mehr Möglichkeiten und hat mehr "Power" ...

OSMFILTER 10 months ago

Hi, bei solchen Fragen wo es durchaus mehrere Antworten geben wird, und vielleicht noch mehr Rückfragen deinerseits, empfehle ich eher das deutschsprachige Unterforum bei

Ansonsten müsstest du glaub ich nach "oneway=yes" filtern.

Um vorher mal zu prüfen, welche Wege dann übrig bleiben würden, probier mal den Webdienst ... zoome mal zu einem dir bekannten Gebiet und gib dann in dem Wizard-Modus "oneway=yes" ein, und dann Ausführen ... Erfolg?

Osmic (OSM Icons) 0.1 10 months ago

Hello nebulon,

what about a mention about your icon set in the OSM wiki at ?

Öffentlich... 12 months ago

Hallo Daniel, die genannte Mailingliste ist nicht aktiv genutzt, aber es gibt eine aktive OSM-Gruppe im Bereich Lüneburg. Siehe monatliches Mappertreffen.

Gruß, Stephan

Stadtteilgrenzen Gallus about 1 year ago

Für die Stadtteilgrenzen von FFM:

gehe zu ... Wizard ... dort eingeben:

admin_level=* in "frankfurt am main"

und abschicken.

Das Ergebnis kann man über "export" in vielfältiger Weise abspeichern.

PS: der boundary-Dienst von user Wambacher ist leider gearde nicht verfügbar ... sonst wäre der ganz gut dafür!

Situação das traduções, edição 11 about 1 year ago

Hello, when I read this blog post, an OSM wiki page came into my mind immediately:

Did you use the listing on the bottom of that wiki page?

If not: any apps or web services missing in the OSM wiki, or in your above listing?

Greetings, Stephan

how to add a POI? over 1 year ago

see and enter "add POI" there ... there are some hints aboit your aim.

Cleaning up admins over 1 year ago

Hello rorym,

please be aware that administartive boundary relations are under a permanent review process by some OSM experts.

See for example (scroll down there)

and try his tool

If you have issues with some borders, why not starting a thread at the OSM forum?


Keeping OSM up to date with OSMfocus over 1 year ago

Not bad ... will try it later when enough time.

This app needs an own article in the OSM wiki!

Many users will benefit from creating a new page there for your app.

How about Video-Mapping? over 1 year ago

There is already a third-party service:

You can contribute to that project on your own.

and we are allowed to use all information for OSM purposes.

Upload zoom-dependent? over 1 year ago

Keep on doing on like you did!


some zoom levels need longer than others.

Also try to refresh your browser's cach by pressing F5 or similar.

The first thing I mapped… over 1 year ago

Hallo Shmias,

kennst du schon die verschiedenen Werkzeuge zur Qualitätskontrolle in OSM?

Beispielsweise zeigt der OSM-Inspector von im Address-Layer etliche Punkte zum Verbessern, oder hat auch einige Treffer. Probiere auch ... um nur einige zu nennen.

Bei Fragen -> deutschsprachiges Unterforum bei

Gruß, Stephan

Making a map of the mappers contributing to mapping parties over 1 year ago

Maybe it is possible to do that query directly via ?

Because there you cab export any result as JOSM-ready OSM data with meta data, or directly as geojson, if I am not wrong.

overpass turbo updates over 1 year ago

Really nice new features!!! Thanks a lot!

Maybe some of these nice user-friendly features should be mentioned in the OSM wiki at

Welcome to OpenStreetMap Telangana! over 1 year ago

Have a look at where you can select all kinds of OSM boundary relations for almost all countries in the world, including boundaries with higher admin_levels.

Try to select the boundaries in the hierarchical tree structure og the two mentioned areas. That can be a basis for "picture of the week" or similar.


Nik4: mapnik → image over 1 year ago

Hello Zverik, have not tried your new tool yet, but I am really curious!

I also created a stub article in the OSM wiki:

Feel free to fill it with better styled information for OSM users.

Now there are also wiki links to Nik4 article from "OSM on Paper" article and Mapnik article in our wiki there.

OsmHydrant almost 2 years ago

Very nice web app!!

And even in the OSM wiki we have a page about it:

But it is still a stub page ... maybe we can insert some links and hints to other webservices that deal with fire related topics like openfiremap or similar.

Desktop App for exploring and exporting OSM Data almost 2 years ago

Hallo Marco, gibt es für dein Programm schoin eine Seite im OSM-Wiki?