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"For Google's (not) a Jolly Good Fellow!"

Posted by morsa_paes on 12 March 2013 in English (English)

So, after taking into account some users feedback, I conclude that Google is not that jolly of a fellow, and so I won't be using Google Street Viewer any longer as a compass and leg stretcher. I'm glad I posted the earlier entry today, because I really wasn't aware of the legal boundaries involving OSM.

I'm keeping it 'clean', from now on. Thank you so much for your advice, OSM Jedi!

Weekend mapping.

Posted by morsa_paes on 9 March 2013 in English (English)

I've spent the weekend in Esposende and finally got to map out of my residencial area. So far, I've added a few facilities (a lot, actually) and corrected a street that was mislabelled and misplaced. I also got to map a whole cemetery, many churches and some schools! A lot of the editing was done simply using the aerial view, as I was aided by a local. I brought home some 'Walking Papers' I doodled over, as there were many, many things to map and I couldn't get it all done in those two days.

Esposende is looking quite prettier now!

Stuck with a dinosaur.

Posted by morsa_paes on 7 March 2013 in English (English)

Just when I thought I had finally got my hands on a GPS and could spend the weekend tracking my way around, I realized my uncle's device — a Garmin StreetPilot® c550 — is rather dated (in GPS time, I suppose 2006 was half a millenium ago). I guess I'll have to stick with Walking Papers/Field Papers for now and hope for some more GPS charity later on.

First Steps.

Posted by morsa_paes on 1 March 2013 in English (English)

Since I don't have a digital camera or a decent mobile phone, I've been wandering the streets with a notebook and a pencil, trying to map my residencial area. So far, I've added some shops and facilities that where missing, but, being the city centre, the area is already quite well mapped.

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