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Swaziland, Zimbabwe and South Africa entered 3 months ago

awww.. living the life huh? while the rest of us are slaving away at out desks.... ;)

Wishing you the best with your journeys.

Tumuc-Humac, the mountains range that does not exist 3 months ago



New Telenav Mapping Project: Dual Carriageways 5 months ago

maybe that single line is tagged with the new 'obfuscate me' tagging: lanes= divided, divider yes, median yes, grass yes, forward 2 lanes, reverse 2 lanes. Lordy, how i hate trying to decipher all those tags..

Berhati-hati dalam suntingan besar-besaran... 7 months ago

And also, please try to refrain changing hiway classification to trunk. Currently, we are trying to get an agreement of some sorts on what constitutes a trunk highway in Malaysia. See forum for discussions.

Berhati-hati dalam suntingan besar-besaran... 7 months ago

maka aku dengan kelaseran aku, pun menghantar email kat dia. Tak tahu le dia balas ke idak. Tapi laser power sekadar torchlight je, sekadar tegur friendly.. ngehhh

Yang bab kes had laju tu, aku cadangkan hang delay last minit sebelum taruk node. Bila confirm, baru taruk node, split n masuk data. Kalau idak, standard le node kosong tu terdelete kalau terkena JOSM simplify way. Aku punya workflow camtu, lepas trace berbagai, aku simplify way (high accuracy) untuk kurangkan redundant node. Kalau tidak, jadi macam separuh2 tempat, selekoh kat bucu rumah pun bantai lukis sampai guna 10 node.

Sabar bang sabar... adat memeta osm gitu le. Mujur le tak ramai lagi yang nak mencuba align map..

Now Live: Notes Posted By Scout Users 7 months ago

Sounds great. At least a little thinking is done before implementing that feature, unlike that other app that spew out OSM spam notes.... ;)

Berhati-hati dalam suntingan besar-besaran... 7 months ago

hmm, pakcik ni memang keje dia delete terus highway yang lama - lama punya.

adoi la.. loklak toi..

Berhati-hati dalam suntingan besar-besaran... 7 months ago

ngeehhh... iD user kot.

apalagi, revert changeset le.

Hantar email sekali.

出售信用卡出售黑卡冒名卡137.2949.3170 7 months ago

When will somebody remove this spam account?

Fix a Forest - experimental tiles from US Forest Service data 8 months ago

Re: highway track 4x4

I believe a tag 4wd_only=yes exists in osm wiki, which helps in differentiating tracks that are passable by cars or 4x4.

Probably a 4wd only track rendering should be implemented. I had that unlucky experience of getting into an unmarked 4wd road in a remote US national forest ( road exists on topo map, but not classified as 4x4 only) in a Toyota Tercel. That was an unforgettable experience, but luckily I got through to the main roads again. Phew!

GPS track "eye" effect in trees 8 months ago

You mean it might have a track "prediction" algorithm?

Pemandangan Alam 8 months ago


香港澳门出售信用卡出售黑卡冒名卡137.2949.3170 8 months ago


Imagine playing whack-a-mole with spammers from a country with billion plus people... sigh...

Can anyone explain this? 8 months ago

Their newest colonization plan maybe? (or settlement if you prefer that term.)

what are these oddly shaped circular features? 8 months ago

my guess would be a cemetery. (really, not a spin on the ebola thing)

No Waiting 9 months ago

I'll consider that. Somehow trying to fix anonymous note like these might just mean doing it manually. Those notes seems to be an automatic import from some gps nav software by some well meaning soul. (that's the bad part- quite a few mappers here are trying to quickly populate the map without regard of legality of where those information come from)

GORDON'S ALIVE 9 months ago

Good to hear Potlatch is still alive. No better editor at aligning long stretch of highway than this.

Can we have iD like zoom interpolation? Wishful thinking, I know..

Anonymous note "spam" - not again... 9 months ago

ni automated punya sistem ni. Format dia macam directions dari gps yang masuk dalam log. Area Sg Petani aku dah padam sebanyak mungkin, cuma exit name apa semua tu aku biar dulu kot2 boleh dimanfaatkan sebagai tag exit_to=* dan jugak destination=*.

Tapi memang hati kering betul le sapa yang buat ni, macam cendawan tumbuh lepas hujan!

Anonymous note "spam" - not again... 9 months ago

the same pattern is repeated in Klang Valley, although in a somewhat much useful form. Somebody took the liberty to name almost all the exits of the major motorways passing through the cities.

Too bad the names doesn't exactly fit into OSM category: name, ref, exit_to or destination.

Mapbox satellite view experiment 11 months ago

thanks. I'll give it a try with iD. Already tried the JOSM trick, but the extrapolated zoom at level 18/19 is a bit too blocky but I am looking at trying to do that without sharpening applied.