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Much welcomed DigitalGlobe imagery 2 months ago

thanks for the tip... will try that if it happens again.

Potlatch 2.5 5 months ago

would you kindly write a JOSM plugin for that "jumping nodes along a way"? That's a feature I really like about Potlatch, it makes easy work of aligning a 20km stretch of rural highway to newly available sat image.

Expedition GIS and OSM in Oman 6 months ago

Wow... salute!

Mapping considered Malicious (if Fire Hydrants) 10 months ago

Terrorist symphatizer, you! ;)

1 million buildings in Los Angeles about 1 year ago

Impressive! as darth vader would say..

How fast does the map load in osmand on lower spec android? Still usable?

Pi mai pi mai tang tu over 1 year ago

hahaha... tapi kalau dia ada rss feed, jenuh la hang menunggu..

First 1k changeset over 1 year ago

Tu dia ehh...

Aku kena catchup balik ni.. tenet oh tenet, dimanakah dikau.. hehe

Mapper in the Spotlight: dkiselev (Russia) over 1 year ago

"how to manage a party of anarchists."

Haha.. I liked that quote.

2015 in brief over 1 year ago

Yamm senggg!!!....

Potlatch editing over 1 year ago

I use JOSM at home, but sometimes I hang out at internet cafes to download stuff ( a wee bit faster internet connection compared to the unreliable n quite costly home mobile broadband). So, while waiting for stuff to download, I fire up potlatch for quick editing. can't stand iD though, too clumsy for me.

A Mapper in the Spotlight: Dave Swarthout (USA/Thailand) over 1 year ago

With thailand's (or pretty much anywhere else in SEA) traffic, you are really pushing your luck surveying on a bike like that. Stay safe!

Great interview.

Not this again... almost 2 years ago

There exist the same situation in Klang valley, especially on MRR2. Last I remembered, the exit junctions don't have any names on it, and the situation is the same for many other expressways that crisscross the valley. Yet, we have notes all over. My best guess is that somebody is importing data from other navigation system, MFM would be the prime candidate.

You don't mind extending your spring cleaning all the way down here do you? ;)

New sat image and alignments almost 2 years ago

perhaps a little clarification to my post.

I am just proposing possible approaches to aligning existing trace to new sat images. I even mentioned, at the end of the process, the need to offset everything accurately, be it averaged gps traces or geodetic survey data.

If there are no gps traces available (quite common around here), then, i dont think it mattered much since nobody knew for sure which sat imagery is more accurate..I'll just make the map pretty.

Akuanaktimur, this is never intended against you. You are one of the best mapper ive met in osm malaysia.

thanks for the input guys/gals!

Swaziland, Zimbabwe and South Africa entered over 2 years ago

awww.. living the life huh? while the rest of us are slaving away at out desks.... ;)

Wishing you the best with your journeys.

Tumuc-Humac, the mountains range that does not exist over 2 years ago



New Telenav Mapping Project: Dual Carriageways over 2 years ago

maybe that single line is tagged with the new 'obfuscate me' tagging: lanes= divided, divider yes, median yes, grass yes, forward 2 lanes, reverse 2 lanes. Lordy, how i hate trying to decipher all those tags..

Berhati-hati dalam suntingan besar-besaran... over 2 years ago

And also, please try to refrain changing hiway classification to trunk. Currently, we are trying to get an agreement of some sorts on what constitutes a trunk highway in Malaysia. See forum for discussions.

Berhati-hati dalam suntingan besar-besaran... over 2 years ago

maka aku dengan kelaseran aku, pun menghantar email kat dia. Tak tahu le dia balas ke idak. Tapi laser power sekadar torchlight je, sekadar tegur friendly.. ngehhh

Yang bab kes had laju tu, aku cadangkan hang delay last minit sebelum taruk node. Bila confirm, baru taruk node, split n masuk data. Kalau idak, standard le node kosong tu terdelete kalau terkena JOSM simplify way. Aku punya workflow camtu, lepas trace berbagai, aku simplify way (high accuracy) untuk kurangkan redundant node. Kalau tidak, jadi macam separuh2 tempat, selekoh kat bucu rumah pun bantai lukis sampai guna 10 node.

Sabar bang sabar... adat memeta osm gitu le. Mujur le tak ramai lagi yang nak mencuba align map..

Now Live: Notes Posted By Scout Users over 2 years ago

Sounds great. At least a little thinking is done before implementing that feature, unlike that other app that spew out OSM spam notes.... ;)

Berhati-hati dalam suntingan besar-besaran... over 2 years ago

hmm, pakcik ni memang keje dia delete terus highway yang lama - lama punya.

adoi la.. loklak toi..