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Dovecot Studios is a tapestry studio in Edinburgh, Scotland. Dovecot Studios was established by the 4th Marquess of Bute in 1912, as an offshoot of William Morris' workshops at Merton Abbey in London. Wikipedia
Address: 10 Infirmary St, Edinburgh EH1 1LT

13 days ago 9 days ago
closed 885994 trigpoint

I suspect this is a spam addition/personal marker. Translates as History of nature.
Please could someone local comment.

13 days ago 10 days ago
open 889088 eric_

I removed the buildings here as they have been demolished this week, and replaced them with a construction site. For sure, more buildings are going to be demolished next week (apparently not the Southern buildings but the Western ones) but they were still here last Thursday.

10 days ago 10 days ago
open 571371 Rostranimin

Previous buildings demolished - something to be constructed?

9 months ago 13 days ago
closed 885695 eric_

Does someone know if they demolished the building here? It was public toilets before and I'm sure it was mapped before they decided to close them. Thanks.

13 days ago 13 days ago
closed 880786 GinaroZ

Saw Bishops Walk mentioned in the Roseburn to city centre cycle route plans but couldn't find it on OSM.
Seems to be around here judging by this image: - can't find it on any OS map so probably needs a survey to confirm

17 days ago 15 days ago
closed 871474 eric_

Someone added the name "Orchard Brae Park" here ( but it isn't. Indeed this park is is divided by Queensferry Road (
Does someone know the name of this park?

24 days ago 15 days ago
closed 882295 edi1979

The new building here seems to be all part of the hotel.

16 days ago 15 days ago
closed 857501 edi1979

Today's Edinburgh Evening News says new Clydesdale Bank branch here opens 30 January this year

about 1 month ago 20 days ago
closed 873062 edi1979

There a cafe still on the first floor called Cafe Alba

23 days ago 21 days ago

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