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The diversity-talk list about 2 months ago

I did not even know that we have such a list :)

opening_hours statistics 4 months ago

Wow, this is realy nice, when i will do the tag info for Romania, i will definitely use it

OSM POI age of different cities around the world 4 months ago

@Glassman, you are right, i will see how can i modify this

@Mateusz Konleczny thanks, i modified :)

OSM roads nodes density 4 months ago

Thanks, i have not created a tutorial yet

Romanian langue 7 months ago

Poti sa explici mai clar la ce anume te referi ?

how a bad query can get you working for 2 days 7 months ago

Overpass turbo suggested that the query that i was doing is wrong, and i should repair it like this

[timeout:86400]; (way(34.759984,-12.216797,71.587596,36.298828)[leisure];);

/added by auto repair/ (._;>;); /end of auto repair/ out body;

maybe now it will work

I downloaded germany ( 8 hours ) but i don`t have enough memory on c:\ for processing the file , i a trying now to make room

how a bad query can get you working for 2 days 7 months ago

i am in a remote area where the internet is slow and sometimes it crashes.

I will stay 2 days to download the europe-latest.osm.pbf and 2 more day to wait for osm2pgsql to do is job.

Also, i don`t have the 200-300 GB needed on my hard-drive - Notes 8 months ago

really nice, i like it, especially the Opening hours tag

at the rendering, the wheelchair is rendered not good, showing in the same tag wheelchairyes

Street Level Photo Uploads? 8 months ago

you can convert to GPX and use in JOSM using this website

But make sure you select a very small site, because you have a 1000 photos limit

Baker St Mapping evening + Artillery Arms Tonight 8 months ago

Did you use mapillary at the mapping party ?

There is a plugin to export and use in JOSM

My one problem with OpenStreetMap 8 months ago

Sorry, the comment was not for this post, was for

My one problem with OpenStreetMap 8 months ago

Did you use mapillary ?

There is a plugin to export and use in JOSM

First steps in historical OSM analysis 9 months ago

We will have in Bucharest a mapping party on 16-17 may, and it would be beautiful to do this before the mapping party, to present the evolution Bbox 25.872244,44.295443,26.307578,44.592516

Have a good day

What kind of user/challenge stats do MapRoulette users want? 9 months ago

I would like to see maprulette to be used so people add data from into osm.

I walk around bucharest and i add photos, in the hope that people will add the house-numbers, poi of interest, etc

Heatmap made easy with uMap 9 months ago

Got it to work


Heatmap made easy with uMap 9 months ago

Maybe if i know how to change the intensity, the i will get by default a more nice heatmap ? Can i overide the intensity in the dialog box ? Without having to create a new field in my original document ?

Heatmap made easy with uMap 9 months ago

At least for the type of data what i want, i find the heatmap not really usefull, for presenting the data

There is an obtion to change the default color ? The blue is really pale and not really simple to see. But i realy live the cluster information :)

Heatmap made easy with uMap 9 months ago

Wow, this is exactly what i was looking for the mapping party that we will do in Bucharest, next month.

Now i was doing a analyst to see where in bucharest we are missing restaurants, pharmacies,street numbers, etc. I did it with QGIS, using voronoi. So we know what neighborhoods require the most attention, so we know where to focus

And i spend like 2 hours downloading the data, formatting, etc.

Alt text

Alt text

Can you help me make a working demo for Bucharest, with a heatmap for street numbers ( our top priority is to finish adding all the street numbers in bucharest . ( We have added around 30000, we still have around 30000 to go, at least.

Also we want to add points of interest, accessibility, etc

GT-120 10 months ago

So nice, i also have the same GPS, Good luck with it

First experience with Open Street Map 11 months ago

hi and welcome.

You can try and download JOSM and make edits from there, personally, i find it more efficient