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The diversity-talk list 11 days ago

I did not even know that we have such a list :)

opening_hours statistics 3 months ago

Wow, this is realy nice, when i will do the tag info for Romania, i will definitely use it

OSM POI age of different cities around the world 3 months ago

@Glassman, you are right, i will see how can i modify this

@Mateusz Konleczny thanks, i modified :)

OSM roads nodes density 3 months ago

Thanks, i have not created a tutorial yet

Romanian langue 5 months ago

Poti sa explici mai clar la ce anume te referi ?

how a bad query can get you working for 2 days 6 months ago

Overpass turbo suggested that the query that i was doing is wrong, and i should repair it like this

[timeout:86400]; (way(34.759984,-12.216797,71.587596,36.298828)[leisure];);

/added by auto repair/ (._;>;); /end of auto repair/ out body;

maybe now it will work

I downloaded germany ( 8 hours ) but i don`t have enough memory on c:\ for processing the file , i a trying now to make room

how a bad query can get you working for 2 days 6 months ago

i am in a remote area where the internet is slow and sometimes it crashes.

I will stay 2 days to download the europe-latest.osm.pbf and 2 more day to wait for osm2pgsql to do is job.

Also, i don`t have the 200-300 GB needed on my hard-drive - Notes 6 months ago

really nice, i like it, especially the Opening hours tag

at the rendering, the wheelchair is rendered not good, showing in the same tag wheelchairyes

Street Level Photo Uploads? 6 months ago

you can convert to GPX and use in JOSM using this website

But make sure you select a very small site, because you have a 1000 photos limit

Baker St Mapping evening + Artillery Arms Tonight 7 months ago

Did you use mapillary at the mapping party ?

There is a plugin to export and use in JOSM

My one problem with OpenStreetMap 7 months ago

Sorry, the comment was not for this post, was for

My one problem with OpenStreetMap 7 months ago

Did you use mapillary ?

There is a plugin to export and use in JOSM

First steps in historical OSM analysis 7 months ago

We will have in Bucharest a mapping party on 16-17 may, and it would be beautiful to do this before the mapping party, to present the evolution Bbox 25.872244,44.295443,26.307578,44.592516

Have a good day

What kind of user/challenge stats do MapRoulette users want? 8 months ago

I would like to see maprulette to be used so people add data from into osm.

I walk around bucharest and i add photos, in the hope that people will add the house-numbers, poi of interest, etc

Heatmap made easy with uMap 8 months ago

Got it to work


Heatmap made easy with uMap 8 months ago

Maybe if i know how to change the intensity, the i will get by default a more nice heatmap ? Can i overide the intensity in the dialog box ? Without having to create a new field in my original document ?

Heatmap made easy with uMap 8 months ago

At least for the type of data what i want, i find the heatmap not really usefull, for presenting the data

There is an obtion to change the default color ? The blue is really pale and not really simple to see. But i realy live the cluster information :)

Heatmap made easy with uMap 8 months ago

Wow, this is exactly what i was looking for the mapping party that we will do in Bucharest, next month.

Now i was doing a analyst to see where in bucharest we are missing restaurants, pharmacies,street numbers, etc. I did it with QGIS, using voronoi. So we know what neighborhoods require the most attention, so we know where to focus

And i spend like 2 hours downloading the data, formatting, etc.

Alt text

Alt text

Can you help me make a working demo for Bucharest, with a heatmap for street numbers ( our top priority is to finish adding all the street numbers in bucharest . ( We have added around 30000, we still have around 30000 to go, at least.

Also we want to add points of interest, accessibility, etc

GT-120 9 months ago

So nice, i also have the same GPS, Good luck with it

First experience with Open Street Map 9 months ago

hi and welcome.

You can try and download JOSM and make edits from there, personally, i find it more efficient