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Imagery Offset Database 26 days ago


Самопиар 26 days ago

Весьма неплохо.

Using Benchmarks for Imagery Offsets 28 days ago

Do you use for storing your offsets?

Остров Сахалин: +20k зданий 29 days ago

План для биржи-то есть, нет только пары дней на её программирование:

Пропозалы about 1 month ago

Твой блогопост никому не нужен. Потому что я так сказал.

The history of the lanes-suffix is a history full of misunderstandings 2 months ago

Why not keep :lanes suffix consistent with lanes=* and introduce another one for all types of lanes?

Скачать перечень улиц 2 months ago

Скачать перечень улиц 2 months ago

Московский велопрокат 2 months ago

Ага. — правда, сейчас там пустая карта, но парковки не убирали.

Московский велопрокат 2 months ago

Молодец, надо бы такое и в Петербурге сделать.

Выборы выборы, канидиаты.... поговорим о пропозалах? 2 months ago

Всё так.

The Magic MapRoulette Machine 3 months ago

Is it possible to add more tasks to a near-complete (or complete) challenge, without creating a new one?

COFFEEDEX & the single-tag revolution 3 months ago

But there are ten kinds of coffee in our cafes, which one should I tag?

Being a newbie 3 months ago

Thanks for this story, I've translated it into Russian. We have a bit of a problem with angry reactions.

A situação das traduções ao pt-BR no OpenStreetMap, edição 10 3 months ago

Level0 - 100%

Project #OSMselfie: Put a human face on edits 3 months ago

I don't understand selfies, but here is a photo of my walking papers from 2011:

"Just watch Taginfo" - doesn't work at all outside En community 4 months ago

Just in case:

Long and possible incorrect street names in Russia? 4 months ago

These are official names (as in official documents), but are not used in addressing and speech. I think the current trend is to put them in official_name tag, but I'd advise against automated edits.

Long and possible incorrect street names in Russia? 4 months ago

These are official road names, I guess. We have a validator that for some time promoted adding these to name tags. It doesn't now. I've posted the link to this post in the relevant thread of Russin forum.

Also, I thought only 255 chars were allowed in tag values. If that's not the case, I think you should fix graphhopper, not osm data.

Interview: Mapper of the Month (Belgium) 4 months ago

Thanks very much for the translation. The initiative is absolutely wonderful, I proposed the same for OSMF on the global scale, and it's nice to see some examples. In Russia we do something like that weekly on our radio/podcast.