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Sync your overpass queries with your osm account 1 day ago

Wow! Is this the first case of using OSM Preferences API for a popular service?

Thought experiment: What if values had no keys? 11 days ago

Good idea, but it would involve not only API change (quite small actually), but also modifying all the wiki pages and all the editors.

d1g proposed something like this two years ago in the Russia forum:

Comparing GIS and OpenStreetMap data 26 days ago

"Easy to process: yes / wtf how do I untagle topologies help"

Maps.Me loses OSM editing? 29 days ago

Data versions are (for now) tied with application versions. Try upgrading the application, e.g. by downloading it from the app store. It will have data from 11th of May.

Maps.Me loses OSM editing? 30 days ago

Rob, did you update your map? MAPS.ME prevents editing when the map is older than two months.

Validation Scoop: Inconsistent edits observed about 1 month ago

It's not KNN, but КИЙ: a Russian work for billiard cue / pool stick.

Awesome write-up, thanks for your work monitoring the edits and post more screenshots! :)

OSM has failed me about 1 month ago

Maps.Me shows local names based on your phone language settings. If your phone UI is in Spanish, it will use "name:es" for labels.

DigitalGlobe Satellite Imagery Launch for OpenStreetMap about 2 months ago

where we have imagery available, it should all overzoom or oversample to maximum zoom. <...> My guess is you found an area where we haven't published imagery.

Ah, I've probably got it. The Premium layer falls back to the Mapbox imagery, which does not overzoom. Where there is a satellite photo special to that layer, it overzooms properly. Thanks!

DigitalGlobe Satellite Imagery Launch for OpenStreetMap about 2 months ago

Hi Kevin, and thanks for these layers. They would surely boost the tracing activity in many areas.

Is it possible to add at least one "overzoom" level? That is, where imagery is only up to z17, add a z18 level with scaled-up tiles, using the source hi-quality imagery. That would make for easier tracing, since at the current quality most small features are too pixelated and suffer from jpeg encoding artifacts.

Better Maps - The riverbank and the bridge/forest about 2 months ago

To ease the third option, you can split the closed forest polygon and attach its ends to the riverbank. And then press the "Multi" button in the Relation Toolbox plugin: it will make proper multipolygons out of these parts.

Italy's top 250 contributors about 2 months ago

To install osmium-tool on macOS, simply install Homebrew and type brew install osmium-tool in the console. This way you won't need to fight the secutiry manager and updating will be easy.

Mapbox has a new logo! 2 months ago

Hi Jinal, do you feel like the circle is skewed in the bottom left part? That is clearly a optical illusion, so you would need to compensate for it. That is if you want for a circle to feel like a circle, of course.

(too bad mapbox does not allow public feedback)

Preparing accurate history and caching changesets 2 months ago

PierZen, you can use WhoDidIt for that. That won't be too precise (it stores tiles with 0.01 degree granularity), but it is quite fast and has data since 2012.

Дорогой дневник! 2 months ago

Дневник в осм злой :)

Маршруты общественного транспорта в OpenStreetMap 2 months ago

Ого! То была наша первая конференция :)

Вот те же слайды, положенные на запись с диктофона:

Market shares of editors 3 months ago

It is amazing that no other editor has a similar feature

Amazing but understandable: our API has special Potlatch-only methods just for that.

Are maproulette challenges undiscussed mechanical edits? 3 months ago

I think we should agree that the issue discussed here is not related to MapRoulette. The website is used only as a coordination tool. When you create a challenge and advertize it, you get a few interested people who make a dozen changes. Not twenty mappers who work all day producing thousands of changesets to complete your challenge. MapRoulette is good, making undiscussed mass edits, regardless of automatization, is not.

Are maproulette challenges undiscussed mechanical edits? 3 months ago

The user with that id is, ironically,

Are maproulette challenges undiscussed mechanical edits? 3 months ago

I wonder where all the people working on this got the info from... I assume they are working at the same company, not sure which one. Each of these has got thousands of similar changesets:

Googling these names shows that they also participated in #MapLesotho, nothing else.

Are maproulette challenges undiscussed mechanical edits? 3 months ago

So that's where these people come from! I've seen one shifting islands in my watched area. Had to teach him an imagery offset plugin.