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OSM это... (Direct routing thru military objects) 5 days ago

Что-то я не понял. Поставить неправильный access — внесение ложной информации, а удалить дорогу, которая есть на снимках и на местности — всё хорошо?

То есть, например, если мне не понравится, как кто-то нарисовал квартал города, мне лучше взять и удалить его, потому что править наобум, дороги, там, дорисовывать — это ложная информация, так что удаление будет лучшим выходом?

What's new in uMap 7 days ago

Wow. This is amazing. Especially the Leaflet.Editable plugin, which as I can see allows for more features than Leaflet.draw (continuation of lines is great). I think it is possible now to employ routing engines in drawing of lines — will have to look into it later. Thanks.

Is uMap development sponsored, or you have too much free time? :)

OSM это... (Direct routing thru military objects) 8 days ago

О, спустя пять лет возрождается милитари-срач.

OSM Quality 9 days ago

Also, whodidit instance on rambler has links to Achavi history viewer, allowing for better visualization of changesets:

Alternatively, you can use the bookmarklet from this article (see "Changeset" gray button).

Как нарисовать ровный домик в JOSM 9 days ago

А вот эта картинка тоже твоя? Я сделал запись в штосме, на которую можно ссылаться.

Давайте порисуем подъезды вместе! 21 days ago

Иван, если тысячи точек в данных не подпадают под схему твоей странички, то между правкой всех данных и правкой одного запроса на страничке выбор очевиден.

Давайте порисуем подъезды вместе! 23 days ago

Здесь у всех подъездов проставлены номера и квартиры, попробуй узнать их:

To all recklessly editing newbies about 1 month ago

also, to experienced mappers Imgur

Experimental Overpass attic support in Achavi (augmented change viewer) about 2 months ago

So basically, if you add RSS, achavi would completely replace now abandoned new OWL?

Bus stops in Omsk, Russia about 2 months ago

Нет, читаю всё на :) Вполне вероятно, что такси, хотя зачем им остановки...

Bus stops in Omsk, Russia about 2 months ago

Ты ему в личку написал? Он не покусается, с большой вероятностью :)

Data that I capture with my phone 2 months ago

I spoke at SotM EU 2014 about mapping behind the wheel:

Nik4: mapnik → image 3 months ago

Rostranimin, thanks for your suggestions. Of course I'm writing from a position of a skilled programmer who's spent some days struggling with Mapnik and most of tools surrounding it. It's very hard to change my point of view :)

The task is quite simple: getting a raster (or vector) image of a map. Currently there are two options: download tiles (256×256 images that web maps are built from) and stitch them (just a bit harder than making a screenshot, see BigMap), or load OSM data into PostgreSQL, install Mapnik and make it render an area for you. Since Mapnik is a library, not a user-oriented program, you need an external tool to which you feed geographic bounds and image size. Nik4 is such tool: basically, after going through all steps to install and load everything, you can switch your brain off and just feed Nik4 numbers, or even URLs, and it would give you images.

Georeferencing is just an icing; most users don't need that. Just making plain images of maps was a hard task — before Nik4.

Android OSM apps 3 months ago

In case it wasn't mentioned, try OsmAnd. It's great.

Does it render? 3 months ago

Can you process multiple styles with this? For example, to answer "it doesn't render with the default OSM style, but try switching to Humanitarian layer".

Свежий JOSM не любит шестую яву 3 months ago

Ты сообщил в трекер?

Быстрые какие... 3 months ago

Ты в осмерском аду!

Nik4: mapnik → image 4 months ago

Thanks! I've restructured the stub page a bit. For now I don't know what to add there, besides links to the announcement and github. We'll see.

Плохо прорисована окраина Гомеля. 4 months ago

Удачи! :)

Grouping Mapnik's labels 4 months ago

Of course, hard to argue with that. Sadly I don't see even tickets in github tracker on that: closest thing is layered svg (which tilemill still does not produce). I've opened issue 2229.