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Frustration about iD editor's inability to easily draw rectangular buildings 1 day ago

To be fair, building_tools plugin, which you reference, is still not in JOSM core. Users have to know about it and install it, otherwise they will create the same skewed buildings. The ticket to include it in the core is the most voted, with many links inside that support its inclusion. It is six years old.

Frustration about iD editor's inability to easily draw rectangular buildings 1 day ago

The iD project is very well-maintaned and actively developed.

Frustration about iD editor's inability to easily draw rectangular buildings 1 day ago

The option to draw a rectangular building is not discoverable in iD. You have to right-click and then somehow know that one of the similar-looking icons corrects the angles.

I'd prefer a prominent button that appears right after you choose a building type: "The buildings seems skewed. [Make angles right]".

OSMF should vote more often...... 6 days ago

There was also a membership drive a few months ago.

2017 Board Election Statistics 6 days ago

I am really interested in how close Joost was to being elected, and why he wasn't.

Metro Mapping Proposal (and what's wrong with proposals) 21 days ago

Thanks everyone for comments. I plan to do the second take, much shorter, just for changes. After that I'll copy this proposal to a new page for instructions.

Metro Mapping Proposal (and what's wrong with proposals) 27 days ago

Dieterdreist, from my point of view my proposed updates come from common practice and logics. And I've mapped dozens of metro networks to test it. Only in few cities some subway stations are mapped with polygons, and these are mostly a mess. Like in Brussels.

Regarding railway=station, note that I'm not against mapping overground stations with polygons. But drawing a correct polygon for an underground station is virtually impossible. Placing just a point would be more correct and easier for everyone. And, well, station=subway wiki page still has the "only nodes" template.

Andy, thanks a lot for that. I was delighted to see you join the maintainers. I follow your edits on github, and I look forward to your improvements to the website. In the post I was talking about my own pull requests, which were ready to be merged in the website, but because of politics generated a 100-comment discussions instead and resulted in nothing. OSM website needs more developers, but also it needs a better management, that would attract and lead people, create a developer community.

Metro Mapping Proposal (and what's wrong with proposals) 28 days ago

Deprecating? They have always been recommended to map stations as nodes, until your silent edit a year ago to one of the pages. Of course it's safer to edit circumventing a proposal stage, since nobody could oppose the change. I just read the wiki and put what I found in the proposal.

China Mappers Censorship of Sensitive Stuff on the Map about 1 month ago

Thanks for noticing this and taking action!

Landuse import - is there one done right? 2 months ago

CLC = Corine Land Cover

Sorry you had to deal with that. In Russia we are lucky for not having such kind of open data.

Preparing for my first JOSM workshop - Tips/Suggestions? 3 months ago

Also, you can skip teaching tags if you teach people just a single shortcut: F3 (Fn+F3 on macbooks).

Preparing for my first JOSM workshop - Tips/Suggestions? 3 months ago

Installing JOSM is the one thing that often goes wrong. Some computers don't have recent Java, some have trouble with displaying fonts, etc etc.

Also, ask everyone to bring a mouse: mapping with a touchpad is painful. Mac users don't usually think of that.

Which editor users are more likely to answer changeset discussions? 3 months ago

If only OSM API has methods for changeset discussions and private message, so people with low engagement could participate.

Also, you should always sign your axes.

Does anyone even check what HOTOSM contributors leave behind? 3 months ago

@SomeoneElse, the link is in the message footer, the one with "Vietnam" in it.

State of the Map 2017 - First presentation about OSM on an international conference 3 months ago

Hi Sidorela, it was nice seeing you at the conference! Doing a workshop at the first international conference you visit must be scary indeed. It was for me, and I started with a five-minute talk :)

Cycle map now has high-resolution tiles 🎉 3 months ago

And the same for the transport layer, which is rendered on the same system. Thanks for noticing!

OpenStreetMap Awards 2017 – Meine Anlayse und Wahlempfehlung (Teil 2) 4 months ago

MKnight, I think it's obvious that Latin America, Africa and Asia are parts of the world. North America and Europe are well-represented in OSM, unlike the other three. Last time we had five of six winners from German-speaking countries, and with these categories I tried to fix that.

Simon, you can cast no votes in any of categories. As for the innovation award, to me these are nominees that done something new, which could insipre other people to do something better. Of course new things are built on existing technologies, we don't expect somebody to do a great thing from scratch. All of the nominees in the innovation category had done something unexpected and inspiring, in different ways.

Better Walking Papers 5 months ago

Pie Overview layer is just for the party organizer. It is not taken into account when preparing a printed atlas. I thought it would be useful to draw pie lines on it, so they are visible on printed sheets.

So all that my plugin does, it takes every feature from the Pie Sheets layer, rotates them so the scale is maximal, and adds to the atlas.

Better Walking Papers 5 months ago


Thanks, I agree that there is a misunderstanding coming from the absense of definition of a mapping party pie. It is merely a mapping area divided in parts, so each participant gets one part to walk around and map. A pie looks like this:

You can draw pie and split it in pieces however you like. Sheets are parts of the pie that occupy the whole paper sheet, they are better to be rectangles.

Old quarry-mapping in the summer rain 5 months ago

Awesome trip, I'm slightly envious :) Have you mapped any of the quarries in the end?