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SEO SPAM @ User Diaries & Descriptions about 3 years ago

As we get an amount of spam in Polish is it worth recruiting a Polish speaker?

Sometimes spammers post platitudes as diary comments trying to link back.

Where have all the boundaries gone? about 3 years ago

The change has been withdrawn.

Our wonderful site over 3 years ago

spam x13

Lost city in Darfur over 3 years ago

Your town (Sa’dun on the Russian map) is unlikely to be Gereida because it was an established town when the map was made. The Russian map has a village called Umm Bereida about 10km to the west and Bing imagery there has a pattern of disturbed ground.

Lost city in Darfur over 3 years ago

If it really is Gereida you could try asking Oxfam, the Red Cross or Action Contre la Faim if they can trace someone who worked there or may have done town planning. Maybe someone in HOT already has a contact.

Public transport over 3 years ago

If you want to map public transport well it is best to ignore the transport layer on the map menu because it is not the work of a public transport mapper.

Notes from anonymous users over 3 years ago

I don’t know if it applies here and I certainly don’t want to start any witchhunts but what happens if you think problem mappers are leaving notes?

Stormy Monday over 3 years ago

Great picture, could be a featured image.

OpenStreetBugs Phase out ... progress over 3 years ago

Have you tried announcing the change / asking who it is on the [](Russian OSM forum)?

Saipan data is in a sad state almost 4 years ago

Latitude and longitude can vary depending on what geodetical system is used. There was a problem with the original TIGER import that, although the mainland coordinates used WGS84 which we use, some islands did not.

We have also had problems with imagery being offset so if there any GPS traces for Saipan you should check what you are doing against them.

TIGER data is also of variable quality so it could simply be wrong.

Keepright trends in my area almost 4 years ago

The orphaned nodes were left in after redaction to help people regenerate the map by linking them with new ways but they probably aren’t as useful several months on. Talk about it first on your local mailing list (talk-us) if you want to get rid of them.

If you do delete unused nodes take care not to trip up anyone in the course of mapping by deleting newly created nodes.

East Rock Park about 4 years ago

Welcome to OSM. One thing to watch is that although Bing is better than the streets imported from TIGER that haven’t been tidied up in much of the US, the images are sometimes offset and I like to have GPS tracks displayed in the editor so I can check how accurate they are.

Cheshire Cheese pub meet-up a while back about 5 years ago

I use the OSM database of stored GPS tracks to calibrate Bing imagery. At the moment zoom level 19 is accurate and 21 is offset; a few months ago it was the other way round.

Edit war looming about 5 years ago

Another thing: are you recruiting any local mappers?

Edit war looming about 5 years ago

Are you sure the village names are not just older mapping that has slipped through the net?

More Bing! coverage about 5 years ago

Do you think the people complaining to Foursquare about poor OSM coverage of Brazil have a point? Can we as a community keep them happy?

How about mapping all buildings in London before the Olympics? about 5 years ago

Thank you for pointing out that the lower levels are more up to date. I have got into the habit of using zoom level 21 in London because of the better alignment.

Ways and relations about 5 years ago

First of all you would probably be better off asking this question on the OSM Help Centre or a Japan-related Contact channel.

Whether or not it is better to use route relations for road numbers is a question of local conditions such as whether roads are signed with two numbers equally.

There is generally no need to repeat the numbers of roads in their names.

Let’s rid the web of comments like this. about 5 years ago

Tom: I was thinking of doing just that as soon as ODBL compliance issues have been sorted out.

Introducing Team Surrey about 5 years ago

I have been treating the work of the main non-accepting mapper in the area as possible trap mapping and making a clean map. For instance I got no response when I asked why he had given a road a number I could not find on other sources and some cycle routes he put on the map appear to have been invented by a club he belongs to.