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Satt namn på hela väg 225

Posted by StellanL on 7 November 2010 in Swedish (Svenska)

Källor: Vägskyltar och Wikipedia

Förbifart Stockholm

Posted by StellanL on 1 November 2010 in Swedish (Svenska)

Har lagt in den grovt. Ännu inga påfarter etc, utom i södra änden.

Location: Malmen, Drottningholm, Ekerö kommun, Landskapet Uppland, Stockholms län, Svealand, Sverige

Länsväg 275

Posted by StellanL on 1 November 2010 in Swedish (Svenska)

Har märkt upp den i hela sin längd

Commodore Heliport

Posted by StellanL on 28 April 2009 in English (English)

Geonames, and most of the internet seemed to think this was among the SF piers, but it is actually in Sausalito...

Location: Almonte, Mill Valley, Marin County, California, 94941, United States of America

Cleaned up TIGER data in Fremont and Union CIty, CA

Posted by StellanL on 23 February 2009 in English (English)

To call it garbage would be an insult to garbage... Whole housing areas were 100s of meters off. Still needs lots of work.

Location: Beard Road, Fremont, Alameda County, California, 94555, United States of America
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