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Is it funny or is it for real almost 2 years ago

Without having a look it could be rows of trees planted for climatic reasons (give shade, protect against the wind, etc) I have seen examples of this before

Editor trial run almost 2 years ago

Looking forward to be able to test this editor on my iPad, currently using PushPin, but that is spamming me with changesets

Duvidas almost 2 years ago

se o mesmo trecho tem duas nomes, um deles e o nome official (name) e o outro nome alternativo (alt_name), tambem poder utelizar nome local (loc_nome), nome velho (old_name) ou separa os nomes com ; entre os dois.

se um rua de dividio em trechos differente, corta como Vitor falhou.

Reversed Engineering of Data Model almost 2 years ago

I know that they follow IHO S-57 which I have as PDF from IHO site, along with many other documents from IHO. It is rather annoying that they have decided to use S-57 as background, since that is a DATA TRANSFER MODEL, instead of INT-1 which is a SYMBOL MODEL also are published by IHO.

The wiki pages that describes the OpenSeaMap data model is rather unreadable, and doesn't describe the usage case for case (i.e. it took me a month to figure out how to tag seanark:type=wreck, and according to message from malcolmh that I received today I got it wrong)

To give a list of information I am missing, I could simply give you seamark:=

Except for what I have documented, there are close to nothing useful on the wiki.

Public perception and predjudice... about 2 years ago

If somebody can help me with hosting, I have plans and inside knowledge to make a map based on INT-1 symbols. For most OSM'ers that will be a maximum stripped down map. INT-1 is a IHO agreed rendering of maritime maps, stripping land symbols and colours to a minimum in order to avoid turning the mariners attention to details that have no significance for safe navigation at sea. I know the people of OpenSeaMap uses the mapnik layer as background and lay navigation marks on top, but I am sure they will use a generic INT-1 background.

I have both the knowhow of INT-1 and most of their symbols as .svg soall I am missing is a place to host it.

Progress Note: Importing IBGE boundaries for EspĂ­rito Santo about 2 years ago

We decided to stick to 10 levels, just adding border_type= for clearification where needed

IBGE (Re)Mapaton about 2 years ago

The old IBGE highway import had two levels of data, one marked as highway=primary and the other marked as highway=track - they all have tags such as IBGE:CD_ADMINIS=*

Status update about 2 years ago

During the next couple of weeks I will look into how the areas in question is tagged, and try to improve anything if for example area=yes is missing. There is quite some chance I will be able to repeate the same route, or other similar pedestrian routings in the same area, as I have regular visits to an office in that area and generally stay in hotels in the same area. Also in rush hours it is quicker, and easier to walk the rough kilometer between a hotel and the office than taking a taxi, observing the one way streets, turning restrictions, access restrictions, pedestrian roads, and traffic jams.

Frisbee golf about 2 years ago

I think somebody created a sport=frisbee_golf tag, but have no clue what it is.

Remapping Kristiansand about 2 years ago

And maybe also hotels and guest houses. Last time I visited Kristiansand I stayed in a hotel looking like it was built from container modules, just like those temporary villages that pop up next to large construction sites.

Remapping Slupsk in Poland about 2 years ago

That name give me visions of old Donald Duck comics, maybe drawn by Carl Barks. Probably located in the middle of a swamp (Norwegian translation)

Redaction question about 2 years ago

I do not know if they have stored the redacted data in some way, if they have, than it might be possible but would require lots of manual labor. If not, remapping is the only solution.

It Happened Again over 2 years ago

Try get in direct contact with this Brunner and talk to him regarding your contributions, and ask for his opinions and motives. He can be oblivious to your efforts thinking this is "his" map. With an unformal talk, maybe over a cup of coffee he might realise your efforts, and maybe the two of you (or more mappers) can agree on a concensus of how to tag some of the things he constantly changes

Going to Rio - who'd be up for some OpenStreetMap fun? over 2 years ago


There is a thread on the Brazilian mailing list about doing a mapping party in Rio during Rio+20, dont know if you are following it?

WOF#5. importing id's and refs from external databases. over 2 years ago

1) Non-OSM ID tags are unusable in the OSM database

2) Non-OSM IDs makes unnecesary amounts of download datas for users with bandwith limitations and heavy data consumers

3) Non-OSM IDs are useful for data maintainers who maintain data from specific imports, maintained in external database

Mapping request of Norway's villages over 2 years ago

Besides, for many rural areas of Norway local knowledge is the key to adding about any names to the map. The area where I grew up had atleast at my last visit no roafsigns informing placenames that can have values as addresse. Some places streetnames can be found on signs though.

Except for villages (tettsteder) fewrural places are signed

Glen Pean, Scotland - Highest Span in Europe over 2 years ago

There are several spans in Norway that must be of similar heights. For example spans crossing Sognefjorden, Storfjorden, Sunndalsfjorden among others though I am more interested in underneath clearanse (maxheight:marine)

double-tracklogging over 2 years ago

Horseback mapping? Should be possible to mount the units on the sadle than...

Starting with OSM over 2 years ago

Welcome George. Join the mailing lists to hear more from us. Where are you mapping?

ODbL over 2 years ago

Oops, a little early, but that is how it goes when shooting from the hip. Guess this was the start of the process though, and non-ODbL data will soon start fading away making room for a complete transaction to the new license, anyhow, it doesn't change much for me.