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Redaction question about 2 years ago

I do not know if they have stored the redacted data in some way, if they have, than it might be possible but would require lots of manual labor. If not, remapping is the only solution.

It Happened Again about 2 years ago

Try get in direct contact with this Brunner and talk to him regarding your contributions, and ask for his opinions and motives. He can be oblivious to your efforts thinking this is "his" map. With an unformal talk, maybe over a cup of coffee he might realise your efforts, and maybe the two of you (or more mappers) can agree on a concensus of how to tag some of the things he constantly changes

Going to Rio - who'd be up for some OpenStreetMap fun? about 2 years ago


There is a thread on the Brazilian mailing list about doing a mapping party in Rio during Rio+20, dont know if you are following it?

WOF#5. importing id's and refs from external databases. over 2 years ago

1) Non-OSM ID tags are unusable in the OSM database

2) Non-OSM IDs makes unnecesary amounts of download datas for users with bandwith limitations and heavy data consumers

3) Non-OSM IDs are useful for data maintainers who maintain data from specific imports, maintained in external database

Mapping request of Norway's villages over 2 years ago

Besides, for many rural areas of Norway local knowledge is the key to adding about any names to the map. The area where I grew up had atleast at my last visit no roafsigns informing placenames that can have values as addresse. Some places streetnames can be found on signs though.

Except for villages (tettsteder) fewrural places are signed

Glen Pean, Scotland - Highest Span in Europe over 2 years ago

There are several spans in Norway that must be of similar heights. For example spans crossing Sognefjorden, Storfjorden, Sunndalsfjorden among others though I am more interested in underneath clearanse (maxheight:marine)

double-tracklogging over 2 years ago

Horseback mapping? Should be possible to mount the units on the sadle than...

Starting with OSM over 2 years ago

Welcome George. Join the mailing lists to hear more from us. Where are you mapping?

ODbL over 2 years ago

Oops, a little early, but that is how it goes when shooting from the hip. Guess this was the start of the process though, and non-ODbL data will soon start fading away making room for a complete transaction to the new license, anyhow, it doesn't change much for me.

Corrigindo traçado da BR381 entre Nova Venécia e Rio Preto over 2 years ago

Voce poder ajuda colocar eates referencas no wiki. Se eu lembrar amanha eu fazo

Sobre thoughts on the effects of Bing! and FourSquare on the Brazilian OSM community over 2 years ago

Maybe time to upgrade?

Campo Grande is a desert! over 2 years ago

Welcome, have a look at and to see what the rest of us are doing :D

More Bing! coverage over 2 years ago

I think maybe it is easier to reqruite new mappers in areas where some data already exists as it is easier to fill in missing streetnames in existing streets than it is to draw the street in the first place, specially when the entire project is not so familiar and maybe a little difficult to understand how GPX tracks from cell phones. I guess people more familiar with the project quicker start looking for the certain tools while newbies need something simpler before they are able to get the right tools in place.

More Bing! coverage over 2 years ago

I absolutely see their point, I too use foursquare, and have been a little annoyed they used Google maps, but for Brazil maybe the change to OSM was a little premature. Anyway the extended Bing! coverage have resulted in a nation wide mapping frenzy, so day-by-day the foursquare users should be more satisfied. Anyway they can join our movement too and improve where they are in particular unsatisfied. Hope even further Bing coverage comes while we still have momentum on the current coding frenzy.

Peugeot 3008 + samsung Galaxy Mini = WIN almost 3 years ago

A dream project is to build my own onboard multimedia center and satnav based on OSM. I have loads of ideas of what to put in, but still not the resources to put the ideas into motion...

Spreading OpenStreetMap in Latinoware 2011 almost 3 years ago

Very good, hope this helped reqruite some more help here. Glad to see that some of us have the time and the initiative to do this kind of presentation.

Walk to Work almost 3 years ago

I've had the bug for a long time, but havn't been able to actively gather proper information in a loong time, now with my new phone that might change.........

About Openstreetmap in Tanzania almost 3 years ago

Maybe the Tanzanian community can look into the Brazilian lend-a-gps model, where an organization is the owner of the gps units, and allows users fitting a predefined criteria use the unit for a pre-determined period of time. I think there is some information about it on the wiki, but as far as I know, only in Portuguese.

Derick's meat-up, Shop POI mapping + My meat-up this Saturday about 3 years ago

I wish my "geountagged photos" where as good as your example. I usually end up with a photo I cannot read end of other on, either I forget where, or there are no usable untagged information to extract.

Inactive users about 3 years ago

So what should I write in this monthly newsletter?

"Sorry, but the only active member in the area have not been able to contribute the last month due to high worklpad, keep up the good work."

This is almost true and doesn't look very motivating or informative to me.