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Mapa interativo com Mapbox almost 2 years ago

Legal projeto, espera que podemos adicionar mais camadas no futuro

Procura-se ajuda para fazer o OpenStreetMap em português almost 2 years ago

Como diz no IRC, pode lidera um grupo de mapeamento náutica, e pode participar ajudar um grupo do rodovias federais

Relato do Encontro OSM Brasília - Janeiro/2015 almost 2 years ago

Também quer participar em reuniões, ou eventos sociais assim. Uma vez consegui encontrar com Arlindo no Rio, mas fora desse so tinha contato virtual com meus colegas mapeadoras. Infelizmente não tenho tempo para organizar, mas se algum fazendo um evento quando passando, ou se tem um encontro no Grande Vitoria enquanto to em casa, vou.

Voting is bullshit almost 2 years ago

Also, even badly documented wiki-pages using the KeyDescription or ValueDescription templates already tell you a lot about the tag usage, from there it should not be too hard to evaluate how useful it is, in what combinations it have been used, etc.

People should not be afraid of making a useless wiki-page, those templates provide enough to say, in most cases, that the documentation is at worst thin, but never useless. Complex schemes need some more though.

Voting is bullshit almost 2 years ago

@imagic: I agree that the process is not good, it is actually horrible. And in many cases I have seen the proposal being edited several times during "the voting period", which actually should render all previous votes invalid. I have also seen other documented tags being altered in order to affect the voting result (why should we approve this when that already mean the same (edited 3 days into the vote)).

The proposal page must be frozen before the vote

Documentation of affected tags must not be edited during vote

A significant portion of people should vote, principally those with knowledge of a specific field if one talks about deep-defining tags within special areas (such as electro-people to have much weight into what tags are useful, sensible, etc in tagging a generator)

At the moment the "status" of the documented tags take up too much space (too vivid colours, too large font type), and some people are throwing in templates for this tag have not been proposed or this tag have been rejected. The only template I find useful in this case is this tag have been deprecated by new tag

As a data consumer documentation about the usage of tags, and the availability of additional information that can hint me to how best parse the tags is good, I like TagInfo since I can compare the global usage with my specific area of interest, what combinations are common, etc. Should I bother to make rules parsing name to a feature existing millions but only two have been named? TagInfo can tell me something about that. And a good wiki-documentation can also give me some indications there.

Voting is bullshit almost 2 years ago

There are unfortunately some diehard voting-nazis (yes I mean that negatively), that are quick to delete wiki-pages for tags they don't like etc. I once had an edit-war on wiki because I suggested an data enhancement of maxheight by adding maxheight:physical and maxheight:legal, where my page on maxheight:legal immediately was deleted because maxheight means maxheight:legal.

I still managed to create my page, IMO maxheight is generic while maxheight:physical and maxheight:legal is equally more specific. Is there a reason to separate these values? If not than body use maxheight, if there is a deeper reason to specify maxheight:physical, what makes that different from maxheight:legal? Is maxheight the same as maxheight:legal in every country or does some countries differ from that rule?

When working with maxheight I got the impression that (at least the guy who deleted my page) lived in a country where maxheight means maxheight:legal, while I live in a country where the two are equally different.

In my opinion it is more important to document on wiki the tags that are in use, albeit in a relatively small area or by a very limited interest. Or specially in those cases.

TagInfo speaks for itself, and as every wiki-page using the templates for Key and Tag-values implement a info-box about usage inherited from TagInfo, than I find that a wiki documented tag tells more than a vote.

A vote though might be useful indicator when changes to an existing tag are suggested. It can help refine the proposal, make people aware of the upcoming change (I know you still are at liberty to do it the old way), and most importantly a signal to data consumers that changes in the data they use might occur.

A look at Scout Signs almost 2 years ago

This triggered my curiosity, but I am disappointed that I would need another iPhone app, and that it will not consolidate datas from other sources. It would be a nice addition if it could analyse Mapillary data, and extract speed signs (and other road signs for that matter) from that source. I am already preparing to gather even more Mapillary data as I find that very useful addition to MapBox satellite or even Bing for getting correct information on the map. If I need to have 4 or 5 iPhones to gather all the information useful for the project, than it will result in few or little data being collected.

Skobbler should have the data capacity to scan Mapillary for roadsigns on a regular basis. Which will leave me in peace to gather Mapillary, and other similar projects derive from there.

I had to check the skobbler blogpost about ScoutSigns to figure out how it works.

Untaggable and unacceptable parking reality almost 2 years ago

The mayor only wants tourists that spends a lot of money so that he can fill up with money he can use to sniff cocaine or whatever he is doing, don't think he like the population much either, the only thing he have done in 2 years was to move a few bus-stops.

Mapillary and cylceway tagging question almost 2 years ago


Mapillary and cylceway tagging question almost 2 years ago

Something like this?

Mapillary and cylceway tagging question almost 2 years ago

I knew it would be complex, I will try to add a few of these in the nezt couple of days and link the way ovjects here in the comment.

I don't know if the current Mapillary is detailed enough to tag everything, but at least include a few more details

Mapillary | Ahmedabad - Rajkot Highway | NH47 almost 2 years ago

I should get photos of how I secure my iPhone for taking Mapillary, anyway at the moment I am able to gather photos much quicker than I am able to upload them to Mapillary, even with my adapted command while [ 'ls iPhone/*jpg|wc -l' -gt 0 ]; do python iPhone; done which constantly pushes the photo sequences from my computer as long as the internet connection is good enough to upload something. Problem is that X-Mas/New Year weekends are the busiest holidays in my tourist-town and our infrastructure isn't able to cope with the number of visitors :(

Mapazonia almost 2 years ago

Legal, to preparando processar dados do DHN do Rio Tocantins, acho este e fora dos areas ja definidas, mas pode ser um pequena ajuda. Espera que pode processar e mandar os dados ate fim do Janeiro/2015

Edições na Area de Morro da Conceição e Saude , RJ almost 2 years ago

Voce pode me dar um link para onde, me interessa muito para infraestrutura portuária e marítimo. Talvez eu pode atualizar meus camadas e adicionar ainda mais informação?

Treino almost 2 years ago

That was partly my point with the comment, the user is always able to break the law and assess his passage on his own risk, the routing should assist people not familiar on the place to arrive safelu and quickly on their destination.

Routing tests and Uruguay almost 2 years ago

At least I noticed that from 30-10-2014 to 03-12-2014 some critical routing errors around Belo Horizonte have been fixed, though it seems like we have a few other instead. Route testing like I do is a very useful addition to #osmose and other QA tools, but often might require on the ground checking.

Notes would work great if only people learn to give enough information. I have seen many notes of type "There is an error here", that doesn't help much, not even if you go to the place to fix it. How would you know if you have fixed what he saw?

Also bugs from #osmose and notes are easy to trace to a location and see if you can do something with. Routing bugs, specially on long routes is harder to find because the detour might completely avoid the problematic area.

Treino about 2 years ago

Looking at the design of the roads I doubt it is any link between the eastbound primary and the tertiary since both eastbound and westbound primary are high speed multilane highways. If your desire is to get from the eastbound to the tertiary than you would probably need to continue to the next return, and coming from the tertiary to the eastbound you would probably need to follow westbound to another return. Of corse there might be signs on the place allowing for a direct connection but that must be surveyed properly before entering.

Remember that OSM routing should be legally correct so even if it is costume to cross directly but signs on the locale indicates this is prohibited or unlawful, our tagging should follow the legal routing to avoid louring a traveler doing something criminal.

Tentar fazer certo da primeira vez about 2 years ago

As imagens Bing ou MapBox pode ha um puqueno dislocacao no local, sempre verifique com GPS antes corrigir obras do outros (se não ha traços no local, verifice-se se tem no banco dados do OSM)

Mapeando novos locais sem imagem de satélite ou outros mapas about 2 years ago

Rodando a rotatoria como um louco, gostei a idea :D

Uso para software pago about 2 years ago

@Sandoval: Depende como voce quer usar, se e slippymap/map tiles ver os condições do cada fornecedor do slippymap.

Em geral voce preciso mostrar para os usuários que eles usando dados OpenStreetMap e o copyright ODBL. Geralmente e mais fácil usar mapas tipo raster, que mapas tipo vetor.

Eu nao intendo os partes judiciais muito bom, melhor perguntar nas listas ou (ambos em inglês).