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Network Rail - Sectional Appendix 5 days ago

That's great. Where can I find this dataset?

Are they aware that attribution will be only visible at and neither at nor at any web site which uses OSM?

DevonshireBoy42 wrote:

Would attributes similar to highways for speed limits and restrictions be suitable. Or would we need a new restriciton schema?

It is very similar to roads. Use maxspeed=* if both directions of a track have the same limit, use maxspeed:forward=* and maxspeed:backward=* otherwise. If tilting trains may run faster in a curve, add maxspeed:tilting=*. Don't forget to add mph.

Please don't import these speed limits before assuring their quality. Railway operators in some countries have two different definitions of a "speed limit". On the one hand, there is the speed limit of a whole railway line which is either the the fastest speed limit of the whole line (even if this section is relatively short). On the other hand, there is the — I call it real speed limit — which train drivers have to obey to prevent damages. These real speed limits depend on the radius of curves, the distance between distant and main signals, the quality of the track and ballast and other factors. If you know a few locations with relatively low speed limit, check them in the dataset.

Btw, you might cross-post to

OSM Provided Services Are Not a Safe Place about 1 month ago

IknowJoseph wrote:

I am a long term subscriber to 3 OSM mailing lists (talk, since 2009, I think; HOT since day 1; OSMF-talk since 2012) and all three have recently been dominated by a very small group of people engaging in the short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops described above. There have been examples of racism, bullying, harassment, as well as a number of conspiracy theories and statements made that are bizarre to the point that they have to be outright questioned to make sure we're all reading the same words.

Could you please point me to examples of racism on one of these three mailing lists?

What is harassement and bullying from your point of view? This email?

I would like to point out that the definition of harassment varies between different cultures. What an American might consider as harassment might be ok for people from Europe. The international mailing lists are multi-cultural and have lots of contributors who are not native English speakers. If a CoC forces them to express criticism in a very polite way, it will become more difficult or even impossible for them to participate in discussions.

Metro Mapping Proposal (and what's wrong with proposals) about 2 months ago

Hi Ilya,

it was not my intention to chase you away from public transport mapping. Public transport tagging is a difficult topic if you go beyond mapping of buses. Due to the difficulty and the nitpicking character of some self-proclaimed "experts" (like me), people are very picky and aim perfect proposals.

The main problem of you proposal was and still is that it is a mix of a useful guide and some tagging changes. Proposals which only contain the changes don't invite the large audience to read. But proposals which contain too much context hide the changes.

Zverik wrote:

For one person, it's because I should have discussed the proposal in his 3-messages-a-month mailing list, not in talk@ and tagging@.

That is an example of a excessive nitpicking which is not encouraging and not commendable. You posted a lot on the mailing lists about your proposal and that shows that you have good intentions. If I remember correctly, WeeklyOSM mentioned your proposal one or two times. If you miss a minor special interest mailing list, it is a minor formal defect and could be cured by posting a link to the proposal on the mailing list and extending the voting period for two weeks.

Zverik wrote:

Deprecating? They have always been recommended to map stations as nodes, until your silent edit a year ago to one of the pages. Of course it's safer to edit circumventing a proposal stage, since nobody could oppose the change. I just read the wiki and put what I found in the proposal.

Hey, that's not Martin's fault, it's me being the bad guy. I did some wiki fiddling which has been reverted later by Martin and I regret it.

Zverik wrote:

For a mapper things also looked bleak: to map a subway properly, you would have to know how underground tracks go, and where underground platforms are located.

What about introducing some kind of "trackless route relation", i.e. relations which are build like PTv2 route relations but don't contain all tracks because they are unknown? I think that we should not use route=* to avoid confusion and to make it possible for validators to distinguish between intended and unintended absence of the tracks. That's why I suggest to use incomplete:route=train/subway/… + incompleteness_state:tracks=incomplete.

Best regards


Creating a ground map (Schwarzplan) 3 months ago

Maperitive ist das Einsteigerprogramm zum Kartenrendern. In dem verlinkten Forenthread findest du sogar den Quellcode eine Schwarzplan-Kartenstils für Maperitive. Alles was du jetzt noch tun musst:

  • Mapertive herunterladen und entpacken
  • OSM-Daten herunterladen und zuschneiden (oder einen Extrakt auf erzeugen lassen), Format: osm.pbf
  • OSM-Daten in Maperitive laden
  • Kartenstil anwenden (ich glaube der Befehl load-ruleset [PARAMETER] gefolgt von apply-ruleset)
  • Karte rendern mit export-png oder export-svg

Weitere Details findest du in Tutorials sowie in der Maperitive-Dokumentation.

Creating a ground map (Schwarzplan) 3 months ago

There is a plenty of results if you google "Schwarzplan OpenStreetMap". Because you mention the German term, I am sure that you are able to read German forum discussions, e.g. this.

To be (re)moved? Altkleidercontainer in Berlin - OSM-Datenqualität abseits von Straßen und Adressen 3 months ago

Zu regionalen Quests gibt es schon ein Ticket auf Github.

To be (re)moved? Altkleidercontainer in Berlin - OSM-Datenqualität abseits von Straßen und Adressen 3 months ago

@RoterEmil Mit einem regionalen Quest meinte ich ein Quest (eine Aufgabe) mit regionaler Begrenzung. Dafür könnte man einerseits als örtliche Community mehr Werbung machen und andererseits wäre die in vielen Fällen sinnvolle Diskussion im Forum/auf Mailinglisten vor der Einführung der Aufgabe nur auf regionaler Ebene erforderlich. Zudem muss man bei regional begrenzten Aufgaben weniger Sonderfälle und örtliche Eigenheiten betrachten – der Aufgabenautor kennt sie ja schon.

Neuer Schwung nach 8 Jahren 3 months ago

Hallo raibach,

es gab schon Versuche, die hessische Vermessungsverwaltung zur Freigabe zu bewegen, aber soweit ich weiß, scheiterte es am Unwillen im Ministerium. Man muss es einfach hinnehmen, dass manche Ministerien, die für die Vermessungsverwaltung in ihrem Land zuständig sind, etwas weiter sind als andere. Die einen springen auf den Zug auf und erkennen langsam, dass sonst der Zug an ihnen langsam vorbeischleicht, die anderen haben leider Scheuklappen und warten darauf, bis alle BOS-Organisationen in ihrem Land auf einfacher zu lizenzierende Datenquellen umgestiegen sind.

Der Benutzer DD1GJ, der unser Behördenbeauftragter ist, kann dir da mehr dazu erzählen.

Es ist im Rückblick betrachtet unser Glück, dass die Vermessungsverwaltungen sich erst seit etwa fünf Jahren langsam öffnen (nur Bayern hat deutlich früher angefangen). Dadurch haben wir Deutschland noch einmal neu von Grund auf erfasst, die Fehler der Vermessungsverwaltungen vermieden (wir haben fünf Kategorien für Waldwege, die Ämter zwei) und eine Community gebildet, die eine persönliche Beziehung zu ihren Daten hat und dadurch stärker motiviert ist, die Daten zu pflegen. Das ist vermutlich einer der Hauptgründe, warum die deutsche Community überproportional stark in OpenStreetMap ist.

Viele Grüße


To be (re)moved? Altkleidercontainer in Berlin - OSM-Datenqualität abseits von Straßen und Adressen 3 months ago

Harald, die Idee lag mir gerade auch auf der Zunge, aber in dem Falle wären regionale Quests unter Umständen besser. Ein globaler Quest würde nicht schaden, lokale binden aber u.U. Leute an die bestehende örtliche Community (Stärkung des Wir-Gefühls usw.).

Mini workshop using a TelegramBOT to translate strings for at Chennai 3 months ago

Which created_by=* tag does this bot set on the changesets it uploads?

Streets as Areas 4 months ago

Hi BjornRassmussen,

adding highway=service to an area a secondary roads runs through as you did two days ago is tagging for the renderer and discouraged. In addition, applications which do other things based on OSM data than rendering maps, will treat the outer ring of this polygon as a circular service road along the outer boundary of the road area! Please don't do it. I therefore reverted this change.

If the road is highway=secondary, its area has to have area:highway=secondary. If the roads is highway=tertiary, its area has to have area:highway=tertiary.

Best regards


San Diego County Bus Stops and Bus Routes 4 months ago

Hi mds08011,

thank you for your interest in public transport. But please keep in mind that if you copy bus stops from a third party data source, it is considered as an import. Imports have to be discussed and documented. This might sound like a burden but it ensures that we have the legal permissin to use the data and that your proposed process is well thought out.

As long as you do not copy data directly but just use the GTFS files to plan your mapping and either survey the stops in field or using Mapillary, it is no import.

Best regards


Which editor users are more likely to answer changeset discussions? 4 months ago

Hi RicoElectrico,

did you filter our the comments by woodpeck_repair, Nakaner-repair, SomeoneElse_Revert, Peda_repair and Stereo_repair? Their comments are mainly automatic comments by the revert scripts they use. These scripts automatically comment every reverted changeset. That's why Pascal Neis filters them out at OSM Discussions.

Best regards


Iraq village cleanup 6 months ago

Øukasz wrote:

Places that do not have specific English names, but can have their Arabic names transcribed into Latin alphabet should use name:en-Latn= tag

I think that if the place does not have an English name in real life (I suspect that most villages all around the world have one), the English name should not be tagged at all. In addition, we should not add names to OSM which can be retrieved automatically by our data consumers using transliteration. There is already a map style which does that: The German OSM Carto map style transliterates names in non-Latin script if there is no name in a Latin script available (style, PostgreSQL extension being used for transliteration, talk about that).

9M buildings in 3D, 🙇 MS 7 months ago

Chetan_Gowda wrote:

In general, the data is of good quality […]

How did you assess the quality?

Local Chapter Congress Notes from SotM 2016 9 months ago

mikelmaron wrote:

Creation of map that has local groups with contact details on it

You can reuse the German Usergroups Bot and its map.

Edits from StreetComplete 10 months ago

Hi PlaneMad,

German mappers who do a lot of reviewing complain that its changeset always only contain one changed object. See the discussion at Githug and on the German forum.

Best regards


This Is How To Create Your Own Nest In Pokemon GO With A Free Tool Called “Open Street Map” 10 months ago

Hi -karlos-,

thank you for the link.

You could use the Overpass queries given in my entry in the German OSM Blog to search for recently created/modified parks.

Best regards


Umfrageplattform offline about 1 year ago

Kommentar zu woodpecks letztem Kommentar (1. und 2. Absatz):

Die Wikipedia hat eine Regel, die sich Störe Wikipedia nicht, um etwas zu beweisen nennt und umschreibt die Gründe für die Ungleichbehandlung durch Moderatoren ganz gut.

Updated Contributor Statistics about 1 year ago

@Zverik Vespucci and Pushpin are editors. You can only use them for editing. If you install them, you usually know what OSM is.

OsmAnd hides the editing feature in a plugin which has to be activated.