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Releasing GraphHopper 0.5 9 months ago

Seems that the foot router does not route over fords (ford=yes). I think it is a pity, especially over ditches and streams (waterway=ditch/stream), as is written in the wiki « you should be able to jump over a stream ». It becomes less usefull for hikers.

New road style for the Default map style - the first version 10 months ago

Answering only on the footway rendering (partly because I think the other proposals are either good or better than the current rendering, or too much of a question of taste).

I guess I really don't like any of the highway=footway proposals: neither are visible enough and different enough from other rendered elements:

  • purple rendering is too close to the border current style, the continuous line being just one version of the dash-styles. Besides, on the example given here on forest, it looks grey even when knowing it is purple. Very thin grey line is used for some kind of barrier, if I remember well?

  • pink seems rather a «non-physical element» color. It is also too close to the private highway color. Orange is kind of the same.

  • with borders, it looks like a strange service road that didn't get the white center painted.

Proposals/suggestions now. I don't want to reopen the path/footway debate once more, but what about the path rendering? Will it be modified or remain the same? I think that the path style cannot really be left out of this proposal.

To me, it seems that it would also be a much better start point for the footways rendering (black thin and long dashes): visible enough (why decrease so much the footway visibility when keeping the cycleways at the same visibility level?), coherent/readable enough (used on several rendering styles).

Path (without a bicycle=yes/designated tag) and footway (without a bicycle=yes/designated tag) could, in my opinion, be rendered asame, with the style switched back to the cycleway when bicycle are explicitly allowed (as is currently the case for footways, I think).

And finally, thanks for the job and being able to take in all the criticism, that, I hope, remains helpful!

(Actually) fixing the Peoria GIS import about 1 year ago

Nice work! Good that someone focuses not on importing, but on the maintenance… even if in this case, it should have been done before the import.

Learn-a-tag: highway=escape over 1 year ago

Hey, routing is not the only way OSM data is used!

Anyway, good idea to spot some little used tags out here.

Changement du nom de 8 communes over 1 year ago

Quarter a pas une grande emprise en France, moins de 100 occurences contre plus de 1000 et 3000 pour les autres… Est-ce que la différence entre quarter, suburb et neighborhood est trop subtil pour avoir 3 niveaux plutôt que 2 ?

The diversity-talk list over 1 year ago

Rather surprising… I did not expected something like that happening and increasing too that level that fast… Any idea how many subscribers there are to diversity-talk? It seems that only about 20-30 people are writing there, but is the circle that small, or are there many silent readers? I wonder if a small group could react harsher than a large, self-regulating one.

I hope we do not loose you with the event, and wish you can go on « happy mapping ».

And I wonder if the list can really come out of that without simply dissapearing and reappearing in an other form…

Being a newbie over 1 year ago

And still the same question… Is it better that the newbie does not know he breaks things when saving (and is not afraid of going on), or that he gets some warning message saying, hey, check this, it looks strange. My opinion is clear-cut, but it is thought that iD « must not scare newcomers ».

That's why I love JOSM, even for the first time they edit! And that I use it in carto-parties.

5 mois d’ #OpenBeerMap en chiffres over 1 year ago

À ce jour, plus de 1500 bars ont été cartographiés, dans le monde entier, grâce au site Openbeermap, à l’appli et au travail des contributeurs OpenStreetMap.

1500 bars par OBM ? Parce que sur OSM, on trouverait plutôt 7700 bars en France et 69000 dans le monde…

The trouble with the ODbL - summarized over 1 year ago

At least, they dared write that: « The White Paper was funded in part by MapBox. » (

But I wouldn't want to imply that the money-giver pointed to some directions.

The Notes feature, please read first before making a note over 1 year ago

I would like it that way… but not everyone seems to agree with most of it. And for: "However, I do agree there are a lot of useless notes out there", my question would be: "yes, what do we do with them? Let them grow old and dusty.

Translate OpenBeerMap in your language ! almost 2 years ago

"Why do you convert nodes to ways ? We tend to do the opposite and convert the ways tagged bar to nodes." Who does? Carefully, in some cases, it may be considered as vandalism (loosing geometry information).

"English people seems to love to be in contradiction with the French ones !" Why not write the opposite? "French people seems to love to be in contradiction with the English ones !" also works!

PS: yes, I'm a french guy, but sometimes, I read things that seem to lack some global vision.

Visualizing Notes added to OpenStreetMap through Craigslist almost 2 years ago

Nice. But you omitted to say how you got the raw notes list to work with… I would be curious to find out! JB.

JOSM 7182 released (first Java 7 version) almost 2 years ago

Move Node onto Way! Good, we have hoped for it to happen! Is there a way to affect a shortcut to the action? I couldn't find it in the prefences/keyboard shortcuts. Thanks for making JOSM such a powerful tool.

@osmthis: good idea. Now in practise. almost 2 years ago

I'm rather doubtful about that… Why send it to twitter rather than keeping them locally and opening them with JOSM, getting more info that way? Besides, quoting the wiki (a part that I strongly agree with): Don't use it to put your personal notes here.

Quelques réflexions autour des Notes about 2 years ago

Euh, tu en as 4 pages, j'en ai 441. Comment tu peux chercher là-dedans ? Il manque au moins un affichage sur carte, et probablement aussi un tri ouvert/fermé ! Après, en France, on est une grosse dizaine à avoir plus de 100 notes à notre actif.

OpenStreetMap Isn't All That Open, Let's Change That and Drop Share-Alike about 2 years ago

Well written, much referenced, long response.

Rubbing everybody the right way. Turning low-valued arguments. Minimizing the impact of the counter-arguments. Leaving out others. Giving other global affirmations with little justification.

But nevertheless, I disagree. English not being my mother tongue, I would be unable to argument so beautifully. But still, I disagree on both the initial proposal and the way of sweet-turning us into it.

For more argumented answers, they have already began, for example there

Ajouter des adresses avec JOSM about 2 years ago

Tiens, tant qu'on en parle, Je trouve contre-intuitif que le numéro de maison s'efface lorsqu'on sélectionne la rue, alors que le champ rue est en dessous du champ numéro (donc plutôt à renseigner après…). Pieren, si ça te parle, tu pourrais résoudre d'une manière ou de l'autre ?

Notes from anonymous users over 2 years ago

Harry Wood:

Coming back to improving the notes system: Several people are asking for the addition of an additional field to the note system, something like « survey needed/armchair resolution/heavy duty work » for filtering (today I'm going there, is there any note that needs a survey/I have a few minutes, are there armchair resolvable notes somewhere).

You can find info and encourage there:

This issue has been discussed several time with different people, conclusions of this kind seems to always be raised.

New Offline Render over 2 years ago

Have you googled around a bit? I was searching for such symbols some time ago, and found several sets in public domain or under a CC0-licence. Anyway, the result seems promising. Any idea on the amount of osm data it will be able to digest in one batch?

Relation "associatedStreet" ou tag "addr:street" sur chaque adresse ? over 2 years ago

Argh, sans commentaire pour la relation street… (la version anglaise serait pas une proposition, des fois ? Elle n'en a pas la forme mais est décrite comme telle, et cela pourrait être mis en avant sur la version française…).

Non, surtout merci pour ces stats. L'intégration d'Opendata sous la forme de relation est surement pour beaucoup dans ces résultats.

Et la dernière division non présentée (mais hors sujet) : 6.3% des adresses sont françaises !