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Mapping pedestrian crossings 16 days ago

mtc: More Tools, Copy Tags from Previous Selection

House Numbers & Street Names about 2 months ago

Adding house numbers in rural Tendring there are many places that only have house names (and one hamlet, Raven's Green, doesn't seem to have a road name). New houses added in ones or twos also then tend to gain names, but if a new housing development (with new road name) gets built, they then tend to get numbers.

JOSM+Terracer Now Almost Unusable for Relation Creation 3 months ago

I've been using the terracer tool with latest stable release today. What do I have to do to reproduce your error? I'm about to try looking at the keep outline way option, which I always have set not to do so.

Do you know what this is? 7 months ago

See also Skeet shooting maybe?

Do you know what this is? 7 months ago

Here? I'd guess shooting range based on this example from a Google image search

Updated contributor stats 8 months ago

It is a dramatic drop in December, and there are so many lines I can't be sure, but it looks like December is often lower than the month before, particularly 2012-12 if I've squinted at the graph correctly.

Re-tagging picnic sites with leisure=picnic_site and amenity=picnic_site to tourism=picnic_site 8 months ago

Surely it only falls into the acceptable usage category if "leisure" is an obvious typo for "tourism" based on the code of conduct you linked to? disk problem has broken data updates. 9 months ago

The three townlands listed on here as last amended 4th December all meet, but a boundary way or two seem to be missing to close them. Perhaps someone who knows how to fix them could have a quick look?

How do you map while on the go? about 1 year ago

(now I've created the note I've...)

How do you map while on the go? about 1 year ago

Today I was delivering letters to every house in a certain area, as I did last year, to do with checking everyone has registered to vote. The boxes of letters come "sort of" sorted, but as I'd mapped all the addresses in this area previously I used OSM to make sure I didn't waste time zig-zagging across the road to optimise the route (deliver one side, then deliver the other on the way back to the car). One letter was addressed to a named house which, when I got there, was different to the name at the end of the drive. Fortunately someone came out then and confirmed the house had changed name recently, which had been confirmed officially with whoever is the authoritiitve source (I forget the difference between Royal Mail and the Post Office in these instances) but that change hadn't reached the local council (who was sending these letters). I could have used Vespucci on my phone to correct the name in OSM there and then, but I used the OSM website to add a note so I could remind my wife (who signed up for these deliveries) to let the council know they had the wrong name. Now I've created the now I've emailed her a link to it (she is away this weekend), and will get around to correcting OSM tomorrow, probably.

Generally, I prefer to use my phone to make notes so I can use a keyboard and mouse to make the changes when I get the notes via the RSS feed.

New road style for the Default map style - the first version about 1 year ago

Confession, being UK based I prefer the current colour scheme. Having said that, if you are going to change it then none of your examples above currently distinguish motorways from trunk roads sufficiently (see US41 on the right of each of your images above).

Oxford routes. about 1 year ago

My guess is the relevant list is this one with discussion about central road classifications in April 2011 if you want to browse the archives.

"Duck Lanes" on OSM? about 1 year ago

The solid line, assuming it is the same as for cycle lanes, means that other traffic shouldn't cross into those lanes (so if you're doing lane access tagging you'd want bicycle=no and foot=no for the duck lane).

Top OSM Rank: Who are these crazy, amazing people? about 1 year ago

I'm not a bot, though did use JOSM validator back in 2010 to try and clear up a messy landuse import in Georgia.

What's your OpenStreetMap story? about 1 year ago

A friend mapped his village and mentioned having done so on social media. I looked at the map of Clacton and thought "I could do that", asked my friend's advice about what GPS device to get, then while waiting for it to arrive corrected some road name spellings in Wolverhampton where I used to live. 6.5 years later and it is still possible to improve the map locally - with a push I think Tendring might be address complete this year (I've surveyed the "missing" bits of 2 more part surveyed parishes yesterday and today - just now need to get around to entering the information).

OS Street View Copyright Easter Egg over 1 year ago

If it is a Copyright Easter Egg it is more likely to catch users that aren't attributing rather than those such as OpenStreetMap that are. It does suggest that all ways with a source:name=OS* tag should really be surveyed at some point though.

Addressing over 1 year ago

That is something I have noticed when surveying locally - it gets much harder at dusk as it gets harder to read some house numbers from the street. I find myself thinking 'What if they need to call an ambulance?' and then think perhaps even my own house could do with a more visible number for such cases (it is in the glass of the door, which many people fail to spot when they first visit).

SOSM - thanks, I've used Vespucci for other mapping, but not for addresses. I tend to prefer adding buildings once you know how many properties they represent (so I can use the JOSM terracer plugin to split a rectangle, rather than drawing each property, drawing the outer rectangle starting with the short side at the high number end seems to work best).

Learn-a-tag: driving_side=left/right over 1 year ago

Looking at the usage figures in taginfo (as displayed in the wiki page you linked to) I wondered if this tag was used for any exceptions, so followed the overpass link to find this example, and this one - I'm suitably amazed that there are such roads and that OpenStreetMap has a tag for them.

Addressing over 1 year ago

Address data isn't readily available in the UK though without paying large licence fees to use the data. In my immediate town the address data is probably as good as most satnavs; better if people haven't been installing updates which add the newly built properties. District wide it is getting there - perhaps 90%. Further afield less so.

Addressing over 1 year ago

I think different methods work better for different people. I've tried various methods (initially GPS waypoints with notes of the address, when I was adding addresses as nodes before we had aerial imagery available, then using OSMTracker on my old phone walking down roads using custom gpx waypoints using text such as 23. to say 23 is on the left, nothing opposite, or 34/36.43/45 for a semi-detached 34/36 is on the left opposite 43/45 on the right - if I'd walked the other way along the road it would be 36/34.45/43 depending on the number I get to first).

But now I tend to just use paper and pen making similar notes to the above which I map back to buildings on aerial imagery as I add them. I don't usually trace the buildings first in case I need to add multiple addresses to one building when I get back - I find it easier to add the addresses to the buildings as I go rather than add them later. It might just be me...

That is in urban areas where houses are closer together. In rural areas I've taken to driving slowly along country lanes shouting out house numbers (or more often house names) to my dashcam, though have previously cycled with pencil and paper. We don't have end of drive letter boxes here, and I'd feel uncomfortable taking photos zoomed in on people's front doors.

I did once have a woman ask me not to add her address to OSM when she asked what I was doing walking along a cul-de-sac making notes. I respected her wishes by not doing so, but mapping all the other numbers and mentioning it on IRC - someone managed to interpolate the missing number on the unnumbered house.

Oh, and another time I got questioned by a PCSO that some locals had phoned having seen someone walking around their village looking at all the properties and making notes. I explained what I was doing and managed to convince them - I had sufficient stuff on me like a GPS, printouts of what had already been mapped in the area, and possibly even a phone signal to demonstrate, but I now also carry a leaflet in my wallet just in case.