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Cleaning up admins 2 months ago

Good luck with tidying. If you start considering whether the correct admin level has been added to ways that are in multiple relations, I have a report for the British Isles - the errors you can perhaps ignore as I think they are where political boundary relations have been added as subareas of administrative boundary relations.

Also ignore the "unnecessary tag" bit - it seems Mapnik still needs the highest level admin value on the ways for rendering if I've understood this discussion correctly.

Hiking with Mapillary – aftermath 3 months ago

An interesting diary post which encouraged me to investigate Mapillary a bit further (I'd heard the name previously), and have now signed up and installed the app. Now to try and find time to take some photos.

The first thing I mapped… 4 months ago

Bus routes, maybe?

10th Anniversary Name Fix Challenge 4 months ago

A quick note in case it helps anyone else - the Street Joseph Street example suggests checking the way history, but the linked way is v1. That is because it was split from this way where the railway line splits the road in two, and the bot damage was before the way was split.

Opening Hours 5 months ago

I found this plugin quite handy for adding opening_hours for some of the local fast food places. It was so easy I even added delivery_hours for them as well.

Complex Intersections, or Why We Should Get Rid Of exit_to 6 months ago

OsmAnd uses the destination tag. I don't know about exit_to.

I could never work out how putting information on a node could easily be calculated about which way(s) the information applied to, so haven't used it. Perhaps OK on say motorways and interstates (if you haven't had to split the interstate at that node for a change in the number of lanes, or similar) where you only have one way actually starting at that node, but not for general use.

Translate OpenBeerMap in your language ! 6 months ago

Not related to the translation (my French isn't good enough, sorry), but it only seems to show pubs that are nodes (and not pubs that are areas, or probably multipolygons - though I can't think of any to check), and in the area I checked it is showing cafés as having beer which in England at least is rare. Another UK oddity might be real_ale=yes/no/* which if you're going global would be of some interest to that particular target audience.

Where have all the boundaries gone? 10 months ago

Ah, I see the change from "should" to "must" was recent.

Where have all the boundaries gone? 10 months ago

I suspect if they are mapped according to the instructions in the wiki they still show. Around here all boundaries are also relation based, but the key point in the wiki is you also need the highest level admin_level (so lowest value) on the boundary ways.

No more mapping 11 months ago

You still have z19 which is pretty good (and the best I have here after I also lost the higher res zooms). Hopefully you'll check at intervals to see if an updated higher res layer becomes available (my theory is that Bing is expiring imagery over a certain age, as it seems to be missing from their site too, at least in the two or three cases I've checked previously - the highest resolution here was older than the z19 stuff).

foot paths 11 months ago

In case you aren't aware of it, one of the many ITO Maps available shows sidewalk/footway coverage. Click the "key" top left to see what the different colours mean.

OpenStreetMap UK: what should we do this year? 12 months ago

Locally, I (now try and only) add buildings as I add the surveyed addresses (there are a few buildings mapped from before I did this though). It helps keep track of where still needs surveying.

I agree with you about shops. I was in Pier Avenue, Clacton the other day which is somewhere where I had mapped the shops previously, and updated them once in mid-summer this year. I noticed an empty one which I didn't remember so took a panoramic shot of one side of the road with my phone. I think there were 3 or 4 shops that needed updating. But again, it is much easier to update the tags on an already mapped shop than mapping it from scratch, so having them mapped hopefully makes it easier for new people to start contributing to OSM.

What is the OpenStreetMap convention? Do we tag addresses on buildings or on separate nodes? about 1 year ago

When I first started mapping addresses there was no aerial imagery so I did each address as a separate node (in the UK this is). Once OS OpenData StreetView and later Bing imagery was available I gradually replaced these by buildings with addresses on the way, based mainly on One feature, one OSM element as having the building and the address of the building separate just felt wrong.

I occasionally use addresses on nodes still. One example being where there are two or more shops in a building with a shared entrance.

I also tend to generally map what is at ground level, so haven't yet worried too much about where there are shops on the ground level and residences above them. There is one particular row of shops where I know this to be the case and for now I've only mapped the shops. To survey the properties above I'd have to go through a private gate, up a flight of stairs, then along an alley on the top of the flat shop roofs. Just a bit too private for me.

Schools: are they areas or points? about 1 year ago

The example on the amenity=school page mentioned above is pretty good, but it isn't clear where to put the address tags. I suspect the area that is tagged amenity=school is the most logical, especially where a single school has multiple buildings.

Skye over 1 year ago

Coastlines have updated and Skye is back (some tiles might still show as blue if they haven't been rerendered since the update).

Skye over 1 year ago

I suspect this fix was too late to make the latest set of coastlines and it will get fixed at the next update.

North Korea is strange over 1 year ago

Perhaps it is a copyright message ;)

Bridge to nowhere over 1 year ago

If you're happy it has been mapped properly, I noticed someone added this note earlier so you could close it.

GPS Traces over 1 year ago

It seems I can't edit previous comments. It sets the start date/time to 01/01/1900 00:00:00Z and counts up in seconds.

GPS Traces over 1 year ago

In case it is of interest, GPX_Editor has a menu option to anonymise the times (I've not tried the option so don't know exactly what it does).