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closed 411579 dixilick

Access from Largewood Avenue (between No's 87 and 89) to allotments at rear

11 months ago about 4 hours ago
open 604153 Cebderby

path-river intersection here. Older OS maps have 'FB' footbridge; OS OpenData StreetView shows 'Ford' somewhere here. Too many trees to see in Bing imagery - needs local survey.

about 4 hours ago about 4 hours ago
closed 334183 SomeoneElse

There are two footpaths mapped here. One, runs exactly along the top of a field boundary, and another one to the east of it. I suspect that in reality there's only one, and that the fields were drawn in at too low a zoom level, resulting in nodes being shared in error with the original footpath. Would need a survey or local knowledge to pick them apart.

over 1 year ago about 4 hours ago
open 544512

Saffron crescent is like a back to front F. There is a bit missing on your map

3 months ago about 16 hours ago
closed 549004

This error is submitted from Navmii GPS.
Missing address:
This is a new road (well 2 years ago) an extension of Kiln Way called POTTERS MEAD with a new postcode of LU5 4FD with 12 new homes occupied. Thank you mp.

2 months ago about 16 hours ago
open 520739 edmsrus

This road now continues on and joins up to Sandstone Close

4 months ago about 17 hours ago
open 112814 m902

Moved from OpenStreetBugs:
Description: Highly suspect road (when compared against OSSV and Bing [achadwick, 2011-11-04 13:26:03 CET]

over 2 years ago about 17 hours ago
open 267954

Kidlington Airport terminal is not the purple building... that is Oxford Aviation Academy. The terminal is a newly built building 100 to the north, next to the parking!

over 1 year ago about 23 hours ago
open 603492 Cebderby

New road(s) mapped here as per OS OpenData StreetView and Locator. Mapping of old building, car park, service road, wall etc can be tidied away if confirmed all gone (ways remain with only note tag at present)

about 24 hours ago about 24 hours ago
open 442921

This is not Forge Lane: Forge Lane starts at Green Street and then turns south (as also, currently and correctly marked "Forge Lane"). This road is Anvil Road. The sign at the entrance to Forge Lane (from Green Street) also mentions quite a few other roadnames in this estate.

9 months ago 1 day ago

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