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closed 3444544 Graptemys

Duplicated node and way Sushi Family Express. Needs to be merged.

closed 2886118 MxxCon

"Building has been demolished and it's an empty lot"
The place has gone or never existed. A user of Organic Maps application has reported that the POI was visible on the map (see snapshot date below), but was not found on the ground.
OSM snapshot date: 2021-08-25T10:21:31Z
POI has no name
POI types: building

closed 3174334

40-13 Main St, Flushing, NY 11354

closed 1035697

Kabab King

closed 1035728

Tai Shin Discount Liquor & Wine
73-05 37 Road

closed 1945006

8/12/16/20/no address Rewe St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

closed 1092964 Lamor Associates

Lamor Associates Facility

closed 170405 ediyes

Location of Saint Francis of Assisi Church seems off.

open 3058415 zhik

Rocks and Roots Park doesn't seem to exist anymore.

closed 158874

Federal Express just re-did this spot.

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