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What's new in uMap

Where do I find the table editor?


Can I add Text?

It depends ;) What do you have in mind? Also, have a look at the maps on to see what others have done.

I would like to ad circle markers including a number with a link to a html file. Is that possible?

Circle with number: not yet. Link to html file: where is this link supposed to be?

What's new in uMap

Yes, you can add {lat} or {lng} in the description for that. See an example here:

What's new in uMap

@Sanderd17: thanks for your useful feedbacks, I’m taking them into account!

@Zverik: the development is not sponsored, it’s all volunteer work :) (I try to manage my life to have free time and liberty of choices instead of money :)

Heatmap made easy with uMap

This is exactly what I’ve in mind :)

Heatmap made easy with uMap

Yes, I’m using Leaflet.heat from the Great Vladimir.

I’ve not yet added all the options that heat has because I try to make a balance between useful option for the masses and too much options that makes the UI confusing. So I’m going step by step, and I think there is yet too much option for the common user, so I need to refactor a bit. But I will add the color option certainly soon (also this one is hard to make easy and user friendly to configure, as it’s an Array), in particular if it’s been asked ;)

BTW, I’m curious about what you mean by “more traditional heatmap option”, isn’t blue to red the common palette for this?

Heatmap made easy with uMap

Cool :)