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xybot - just stop it over 12 years ago

i'm sorry richard, that you are annoyed by the attempt of xybot in trying to correct obvious spelling errors in keys and standardising some values according to the rules given by the wiki (e.g. what was your stumbling block:
I'm very well aware of collateral damage that could be done by xybot and i try to optimise it and repair its damage every time someone tells me that it has done something wrong.
regarding your point of the "created_by" tag... i will delete this tags in future.

but just to play this ball back: i think with potlatch you created a wunderful software which lowers the barrier to edit osm data for a lot of users. but i don't even want to think about how many weeks of work my alter ego xylome spent in correcting errors by hand created by your software (e.g. when a long way was splitted, both the two new ways were created but the old way was not deleted. or users being not aware and unable to revert their accidential displacement of a single node or a forest several hundered square kilometres big.)

i know that xybot is constantly in the line of fire regarding its changes (so is potlatch and i've not seen you stopping (and i wouldn't want you to) despite the calls to "disable potlatch forever" in all the mailing lists), but please take into account that xybot has done almost 1.5million edits so far and i hope the vast majority of them are benign alterations.

but there are also a few malign alterations and i'd like to invite each of you to give me hints when xybot did something wrong or how it could be improved instead of starting a flame war.

xybot aka xylome