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closed 3330190 xsivlychilly

trail splits SW across wooden bridge over barun to glacial lake viewpoint

closed 3619721 xsivlychilly

the three surrounding glaciers are part of the Jhaiju Bamak Glacier, source of Hata Gad

closed 3378000 xsivlychilly

suspension bridge over stream

closed 3378001 xsivlychilly

sang khola bridge, L:45.16m W:1.06m, comp:15.01.22

closed 3378004 xsivlychilly

wood bridge

closed 3378002 xsivlychilly

adheri bridge, L:72m W:1.06m, comp:29.10.19

closed 3378003 xsivlychilly

suspension bridge over stream

closed 3328850 xsivlychilly


closed 3328856 xsivlychilly

wooden bridge

closed 3331366 xsivlychilly

wooden bridge over barun

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