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December 02, 2020

Hello there fellow mapper!

I am from North Central Illinois. I have local knowledge throughout Illinois, and in the St. Louis Metro area. I can sometimes be found mapping in Alaska (see special interests

Special mapping interests:

  • State Facilities (ISP, DOT, DMV, etc)
  • Public Safety Stations
  • Commercial Business areas
  • Small villages

Some of my OSM projects right now are:

  • Micromapping:
  • commercial areas in DeKalb & (west side) Aurora IL
  • Geneva Commons

  • Mappings heliports/medical helicopter bases
  • Buildings & Fields in DeKalb County

Future Projects:

  • Cleaning up rural communities in Illinois by:
  • Adding MapWithAI Buildings
  • Importing US NAD Addresses (once unicorporated issue is fixed of course)
  • Aligning streets to Bing or similar imagery that bests lines up with gps track

  • Fixing Illinois DMVs to match the new website links for each facility (not a priority since old link redirects to new link)

Feel free to DM me on discord if you want help on a project or got a question/concern about my GPS traces/changesets.

– I have been considering creating a OSM Group for mappers in Illinois on a Discord server, Open to all ideas/concerns/opinions regarding this –

  • Isaiah

Discord - xem0861

OpenGeofiction Profile - xem0861

My Links:

Spreadsheet with Wikipedia tags for OSM