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closed 1176142 Luis36995

This OSM note is added as per the user feedback from Mapbox:
Is this where "Dr Moffet Chiropractor Clinic" is located? Can someone please confirm the same?

open 3903382 S_Akash

In context of "Bike paths" overlay for via StreetComplete 54.0:

Road doesn't exist

open 4092597

"closed April 28, 2023"
The place has gone or never existed. A user of Organic Maps application has reported that the POI was visible on the map (see snapshot date below), but was not found on the ground.
OSM snapshot date: 2024-01-05T19:06:54Z
POI name: Cooke Stationery Company
POI types: shop-stationery
#organicmaps ios

open 3775855 jwmh

"Need an AUTOMATED (Bot!) way to keep up with changes by TriMet (area transit agency). This and many, many other bus stops have been eliminated, as this route was changed to a limited-stop “express” route. It would be a hassle to do manually…. Q: any way we can automate the data-set-changes, or something??"
OSM snapshot date: 2023-07-07T01:48:31Z
POI name: Southeast Division & 58th
POI types: public_transport-platform highway-bus_stop

open 4053531 EButlerEcologist

This trail alignment is very approximate, I've walked it several times but haven't GPS'ed it. I plan to change and expand the stream alignments in here as there's a complex, branched channel system where Eagle Creek meets the Clackamas.

Also, the "Bonnie Lure State Park" feature nearby is incorrectly located, it's a private home there and not the State Recreation Area. Google gets that one wrong too.

closed 4040236 mbare

Bear Fruit Farms
30595 Wyatt Dr, Harrisburg, OR 97446

closed 4038621

polygon should be changed since this a radioactive wasteland

closed 3999663 jmarchon

Unable to answer "What kind of parking is this?" for via StreetComplete 55.0:

Don't see any parking

open 2044139 wwhide

I don’t believe this trail exists, does anyone have information otherwise?

open 3775851 O-dog-Malakai

Is there a bridge for pedestrians there?

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