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open 3995230 wvdp

What is this location?

it seems like a pipeline

closed 3962882 wvdp

What is located here? I can't find anything on the internet.

I don't think this is a prison.

closed 1918691 wvdp

Is this street open?

closed 2003871 wvdp

Is this hawai street?

closed 2003847 wvdp

Is this building up to date?

closed 1578555 wvdp

i moved the gate to the path. is this right? and inline with with the ground truth?

closed 2617970 wvdp

where is the norway embassy located? to the left or to the right of this ticket

closed 515897 wvdp

generator:method=dam is deprecated

closed 2007886 wvdp

Does this street has the right name?

the action website has a different name

closed 3237408 wvdp

the roundabout is gone but there is still a bus route connected to it so somebody on the ground should look at it

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