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House Numbers about 7 years ago

If you mean addresses being shown on your Garmin, this can only be achieved if the addresses are attached to a POI ; make sure the POI type is included in your TYP file.

new GPS for me over 7 years ago

Batteries on Etrex should last you between 10 to 15 hrs; just be careful: the rubber ring might come off when it's really hot; it's a great tool; have just changed mine after 3 yrs of almost daily use - screen can get scratched too.

Bicycle=yes; foot=yes almost 8 years ago

I agree, sounds like over-zealous tagging; common sense prevails

Change OSM appearance on Garmin Etrex Vista HCx about 8 years ago

There is a Mapnik look alike type created by a Frenchman.
Just be aware, that although it may look 'pretty' on Mapsource you will need to tweak the typ file for your Garmin by discarding some highway borders.

Links on

How to transfer a osm Map onto my GPS ? over 8 years ago

I had similar problems when I started some time ago;

I take no credit for this but hope it helps.

Fun with asking for directions in Romania over 8 years ago

sensible answers; I must remember this when asked for directions, next time...

This Site is really sucking over 8 years ago

Hi Vic

You can also get a quick idea of what it will look like using osmchecker at

Drawing houses over 8 years ago

Quite impressive; you may want to add names to several residential highways

Got harassed by Ugandan Police for OSM work over 8 years ago

a sobering experience

A plea for accuracy over 8 years ago

another bone of contention is 'tracks' without tracktypes...

OpenOrienteeringMap over 8 years ago

Woods and forests don't seem to be rendered; any reason why not?

Congrats, anyway

obtaining GPS points over 8 years ago

when exporting an area you are given the minlong/maxlong & minlat/maxlat values to calculate all mousemove coordinates within the box.

A sandbox? over 8 years ago

you could try osmchecker beta.
access is limited to only a few testers.

Okay over 8 years ago

you could download the xml of a area and check for the capacity tag.
This shouldn't be a problem and would work quite fast; save the tag's coordinates which are automatically supplied etc.

hiking trail not appearing while another one is over 8 years ago

seems to be working


will not be rendered.
Perhaps close shape and tag amenity:parking

Merge, split, delete, new, argh~! over 8 years ago

Your bridge won't show up

specify highway

Good effort

From Mysore over 8 years ago

Don't be fooled by Keepright spotting all the 'errors' -there seem to be at least 34 unrendered areas ,some of which you may wish to address.
Good luck

Centenario de la Real Sociedad en OSM over 8 years ago

El 'tags cabinas de venta de entradas y las puertas no se reconocen - no se mostrará en Mapnick pero podría aparecer como PDI en Garmin cuando se envían.

(traducido utilizando Babel)

More Tivvy! over 8 years ago

Hi Andy

I like the amenities:bandstand; hope that works.
Tivvy still needs a lot of mapping, especially nrth of the city.

Using relations for landuses and other areas over 8 years ago

FYI area is not linked properly