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open 2759860 wemissyou

Anexartisias street

via StreetComplete 33.1

closed 3948855 wemissyou

is this still under construction?!

open 4090210 wemissyou

House #1

via StreetComplete 56.0

open 2984862 wemissyou

address doesn't look correct need check on site

closed 2910326 wemissyou

need to add/fix exits on this junction as in navigation mode, is very easy to do mistake due to misleading instructions

closed 3121575 wemissyou

need to check on site turn restrictions and one way in this area as something is wrong

closed 2950952 wemissyou

Zavos cypress gardens

via StreetComplete 38.0

closed 2950951 wemissyou

Armonia gardens

via StreetComplete 38.0

closed 3255997 wemissyou

constructions of roads here

open 3877335

Pizza Express is not at this location.

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