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closed 3801058 wellemut

hier kann die Bundesstraße zu Fuß und mit dem Rad überquert werden

closed 2007379 wellemut

closed 2007378 wellemut

Road is blocked, open for bycicle and pedestrians only

closed 2007380 wellemut

Number 403

closed 2007374 wellemut

There is no road but a sudden steep small footpath down to the river

closed 3229777 wellemut

this lake only exists for max. 8 month a year.
I would draw it like wetlands not like a lake

closed 3091350 wellemut

two little rivers are flowing together

closed 3091349 wellemut

little hut, ruin

closed 3091353 wellemut

old farm hut ruin

closed 3091356 wellemut

very small river

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